Open a Business without Money: 3 Tips to Get Into Your Own

Business without Money

Opening a business without money is a thought that often comes to mind. “What does it take?” Many people ask, “I can do this to save money,” say others.

But can you really open a store or start a business without spending even a dollar?

In this article, we try to answer together this question briefly by providing a series of exceptional resources for all those who want to start their own business and do not have a large budget.

Below is a list of 3 fundamental tips to start a business spending very little.

Tips # 1: Without Money Don’t Sing Masses

A very common way of saying, especially in my home country, is what I decided to include as the first piece of advice. Although the web has fueled the idea that many things can be done without spending even a dollar, in reality it is not at all like that.

Time is money, if you want to become an entrepreneur it is a rule that you must learn as soon as possible if you do not want to limit your growth.

Besides the fact, therefore, that it is really very difficult to get services or receive goods without taking out the beak of a penny, know that in reality the energies and the time you spend are in effect money.

How much is your time worth? I generally try to quantify my own and, consequently, I evaluate if I should buy a service or do it on my own.

Tips # 2: Is looking for an investor a solution?

The answer is NI. We live in an age where money is agnostic: never as today is it easy to find people willing to invest in you. Crowdfunding is now a fully consolidated reality and many entrepreneurs are constantly looking for projects and people to invest.

However, there is always one though. What matters is not the idea: we can all have more or less beautiful ideas but we are not equally good at implementing them. To be credible and to receive the right attention from a possible capital shareholder you must:

  • Be able to do something: It may seem obvious; in reality it is not so obvious. If you are not able to do any activity that allows you to have revenues, if not immediate, at least potential, it is really hard to think that you know how to organize a business. Even being an investor, to understand each other, is “knowing how to do something” because it requires knowledge of a series of concepts and the continuous updating of market trends that require constant study and attention;
  • Have a plan that is much more than a simple idea: Draw a business plan that has a minimum of credibility in the eyes of an industry expert. In doing so, you will have precise data to talk about and not just a thought.

Tip # 3: If you are without money … business may not do for you

The economic crisis of recent years has brought many people to their knees. Many, motivated by the desire for redemption, want to try their hand at entrepreneurial activities.

The idea itself is not wrong, indeed. I believe that at the moment employee work is the most insecure activity in the world given the speed with which each market evolves; however, the big step must be the outcome of a personal and professional evolutionary process, not a last resort to attend to play the last card, that of despair.

If you lived by salary and didn’t have enough money to be able to think of being able to support yourself for a year without depending on the proceeds of your activity, let the business go. In fact, the risks and stress it brings are not for you if you are going through a difficult time.

Thinking, then, of doing business without having money to invest and without many resources to support oneself can be a boomerang capable of seriously undermining your serenity.

Rather, you could start a business as a second job, looking for one that guarantees small but sufficient income to give you some breathing space and some free time to organize the big jump.


We have seen three fundamental tips to start a business with few resources: as is evident, there is no how to propose in these cases that is valid for everyone.

The purpose of this article is to create in you the right awareness, above all from a psychological point of view, around the idea of starting a business without money that, in itself, really means very little.

Depending on what is the sector that interests you, internalized these premises, it will certainly be easier for you to understand how and where to cut and how to organize everything.

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