Look out for these office trends in 2020

Workers like to stay up to date with office trends, which are ever-evolving with the adoption of new technology and an emphasis on artificial intelligence. Here are some to watch out for as 2020 progresses.

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A workplace’s purpose leads to thriving staff

A workplace must have purpose and meaning, with almost half of employees wanting to know what their firm stands for. Workers are more likely to thrive when their job has meaning and purpose. Business leaders can support their staff in articulating these values and implanting a plan to be acted upon.

The liberal arts major is making a comeback

A host of renowned experts believe that liberal arts majors are set to make a comeback, with subjects such as literature, philosophy and history becoming more relevant in the workplace. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the demand for creative skills such as communication and empathy is likely to rise. With the drive behind STEM over the past few years, experts say that science and maths majors will lose relevance.

Companies will focus on the retention of staff

Internal mobility refers to the movement of staff through various roles within the organisation. The staff member can progress upwards, moving to more senior roles. Internal mobility is important for employers because it can reduce recruiting costs. If employees know that internal vacancies and chances for career progression are possible, they are less likely to start job searching.

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The environment will play an increasingly important role

Sustainability in the business world focuses on ethical productions and there will be more of a leaning toward environmentally-friendly processes. Sustainable business practices will definitely be to the fore. According to Property Wire, sustainable office design is becoming more desirable as environmental issues remain topical.

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Therapy and wellbeing in the workplace

Many small businesses are already taking action to focus on mental health. Although it is still something of a taboo subject, with one in four people suffering at some point in their lives, companies are set to begin to tackle the issue. Good employers have a responsibility to their staff and more will follow this excellent model.