Reasons to Incorporate Plants in Your Business Reception

When it comes to making an impression on customers or clients who enter your business premises, the small details can have a significant impact. Adding plants to your reception area is an effective way to visually enhance the space while serving multiple important purposes.

Apart from their appeal, incorporating greenery in the office has been scientifically proven to boost employee productivity levels by 15%. This is because biophilia, which involves integrating elements into building design, creates a sense of contentment and happiness among people. For Wholesale Plants, visit a site like

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This is due to our attraction towards nature. When it finds its place in the workplace it helps foster a positive work environment. Placing plants and greenery in areas like the business reception ensures that employees can reap benefits by becoming more productive.

In addition to their appeal, plants and greenery also contribute towards cleaning and purifying the air. Research indicates that incorporating plants into offices can help reduce the risk of sick building syndrome by eliminating pollutants, like dust, mould and formaldehyde. In addition plants play a role in regulating humidity and contribute to the oxygen supply, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with asthma or other respiratory issues.

Furthermore plants promote creativity and teamwork by encouraging interactions among people and providing natural elements instead of just staring at laptop screens. This can foster a work culture and enhance productivity, especially in companies with a younger workforce.

Plants also have the potential to attract employees as they demonstrate a company’s concern for its staff’s well being. Consequently it may influence candidates to choose that business over others. Selecting plants for your reception area is crucial since certain plants are more suitable than others depending on the type of environment.

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If you’re seeking plants to enhance your business reception area, a collection of planters offers various shapes and sizes. These can be arranged in heights, for an eclectic appearance or lined up uniformly to achieve a modern aesthetic. Additionally, planter boxes can serve as screens or dividers in your reception area if desired.

If you’re considering adding plants to your company’s reception area, speak to professionals for guidance and suggestions. You will receive advice on which plants would thrive best in your office environment taking into account factors like lighting, watering schedules and temperature.