Four Strange Things Found in the Pyramids of Egypt

The pyramids in Egypt have long been a source of fascination and intrigue. Their walls hold tales of people who lived thousands of years ago, and many archaeologists and scientists spend their whole careers attempting to unravel the mysteries of the great pyramids of Egypt.

There have been many discoveries in the pyramids over the years which have given fascinating insights into ancient Egypt – here are some of the strangest things that have been found in the pyramids…

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Graffiti – We are used to seeing graffiti scrawled all around the city centres in the modern world, but it also seemed to be something that was done in ancient Egypt! Graffiti has been found dating back thousands of years in the pyramid of Giza and included the names of those that worked there, and the crew names that they had given themselves using red paint!

Plaster – We may think of plastering as a modern technique, and when we have our homes renovated, we get a professional like this plasterers Cheltenham based company to come over and do it. But do you know, in ancient Egypt, people were doing the same thing? The ancient Egyptians used plaster, made of water and clay to protect their homes from the weather, and the pyramids also contain lots of plaster work, which has survived thousands of years.

Food – Pharaohs were always given a good send off, and in ancient Egypt they were provided with all that they might need for their journey into the next life. This included food, and many tombs, including that of King Tutankhamun contained plenty of food to make sure that he was not going to go hungry in the afterlife.

Archaeologists found many jars of wine, all clearly labelled, as well as figs, melons and dates all stored to supply him with the food that he wanted and in remarkably good condition given its age.

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Pets – Cats are well known to have been revered and worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, and that also includes a burial fit for royalty and spending eternity with their beloved owner. As well as mummified cats, other animals have also been found in the tombs, including bulls, rams and even dung beetles!