Samsung WF7500 Review

When it comes to cleaning your laundry, Samsung washers are among the best in the market. The Samsung WF7500 is one of the finest washers from this manufacturer, maintaining high cleaning standards without having to spend a fortune. It’s both quiet and capable of handling multiple laundry load sizes, with great features and simple controls that make it easy to use.

Read our Samsung WF7500 review for a quick look at all the useful features that can enhance your laundry experience.

Smart Control

With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect this washer with your smartphone to keep track of the time left on a cycle, set washing time and receive alerts when your laundry is done. All these functions are accessible remotely, even when away from home.

To start using the feature, insert your Smart Home Adapter and connect the appliance to the Wi-Fi network through the Samsung Smart Home app. That will allow you to control the washer remotely, though you’ll need to hold the smart control button for several seconds until its indicator blinks and the washer door locks. That ensures your washer is ready to receive remote commands.

Child Lock

Keeping your kids safe is an important factor to consider when buying appliances. At the same time, you don’t want your kids to change the settings of your washing machines when you are not there to stop them. That’s why Samsung has equipped this washer with the Child Lock feature.

For the feature to work, start by holding the spin and soil level buttons for around three seconds. After that, you can press the pause/start button to switch it. The door will then lock itself and turn on the Child Lock indicator.

Energy Efficient

Though the WF7500 doesn’t live up to similar products in terms of energy efficiency, it still pretty amazing with the water and electricity bills. However, its energy efficiency is well above average, considering its functionality and advanced features.

This washer boasts of an EPA EnergyStar certificate, meaning you don’t need to worry about its energy efficiency. You’re also assured that the appliance won’t be multiplying your water and electricity bill.

The AddWash Feature

It’s normal to forget a shirt or two when cleaning your laundry, only to see it after you’ve started your washing machine. That means you have to wait for the next load or the next time you plan to clean. That’s why Samsung has designed the AddWash feature to help you quickly throw in a forgotten garment after starting the machine.

The washer uses a small door with a technology that penetrates the fabric deeply using the steam wash function. It also uses foam to ensure the clothes are fresh and clean, making it a unique and super innovative feature that’s not available in most washing machines.


  • Strong warranty
  • High capacity for large families
  • AddWash and steam wash


  • Not the cheapest choice available on the market


The Samsung WF7500 is a big washing machine with lots of innovative features that make it a solid upgrade for your home. The washer’s AddWash feature keeps you sorted if you forget to throw I an essential item, while its capacity makes it best suited for big households. It’s among the few expensive washers that are worth your money.