4 Tools For Creating Videos To Try

The film, in recent years, has gained such importance as to represent over 70% of internet traffic: you learn and remember much more easily thanks to the images rather than through the text, just think about the importance of visual memory for students and researchers. In the era in which innovation and digital revolution are the protagonist, one of the many corporate objectives is to be able to not fall into the trivial, not appear obvious and last but not least, always be a step ahead of others.

Riding the wave of computer evolution involves a path of business growth in which the focus is mainly directed towards the consistent world of the web: in recent years the latter has profoundly transformed the socio-economic dynamics of our daily life, undermining every certainty now remote and revolutionizing the old communication with annexed basic rules.

The web nowadays is not only an area reflected in the youth target, it is a real new world: for everyone, for everyone.

Until a few years ago, high quality text content was all that could be aspired to get a noteworthy web marketing, now it is no longer enough. The best strategy to succeed in emerging from the competition is to be engaging: here is the reason for the importance of video.

It is no coincidence that there are videos and tutorials for everything: this tool allows you to be in direct contact (even if virtually) with those who are watching and listening; It is the ideal way to reach users in that precise moment, it is a personal diary in which it is possible to give opinions, express points of view, talk about a particular experience, provide reviews for any topic (cooking, travel, tourism, culture, sport , fun activities, etc.)

The video is therefore the new face of marketing content and is emerging as a business tool, as it is clear, powerful and effective.

YouTube, after Google, is the second largest search engine in the world: every month it processes more than 3 billion searches, more than at the same time Bing, Yahoo !, Ask and AOL add up.

These estimates are undoubtedly due to the immediacy of usability, the speed of sharing and the simplicity of realization and assembly of this tool, with appropriate tools and professional services.

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Video realization: Here are 4 of the best editing tools …

1) Windows Movie Maker is a Microsoft program and it is an ideal solution for beginners who would like to try their hand at editing in a Windows environment; is the most versatile video editing program available on PC or downloadable online for free.

2) VideoPad known because extremely easy for experts and not, is an easy-to-use software that allows you to edit, cut and merge video using a convenient timeline, thus obtaining amazing results. Available for Windows and MacOS, it is paid but can also be used thanks to a free trial version.

3) Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software a bit more complex but not impossible. It allows to obtain a real cinematographic project thanks to the countless effects and transitions to be used. Available in the Windows version and MacOS for a fee, or in a free version that is more contained but equally valid. Such video editing is the best alternative to Final Cut Pro, one of the most advanced and complex programs (made for MacBook) on the market.

4) DaVinci Resolve 14 has been used for numerous feature films and television series as it offers unmatched images and presentations. It offers hundreds of tools for editors, professional audio and many other efficient features. Available in MacOS, Windows and Linux versions, even for the latter it is possible to install the free version or the paid version, which provides more functions and tools, such as 3D.

The tools that we have just seen are the best quality / price, it is clear that there are many other tools like Adobe Sparkle, totally free for those who have an abundance, same thing for Adobe Premier Pro CC, another tool that allows you to create professional videos.

Video marketing content is increasingly gaining momentum on company platforms, because it allows us to generate more traffic to the site, increasing the number of leads and conversions; in this way it will be possible to create a list of likely customers interested in the products and services offered.

They also provide the opportunity to work on their brand reputation (brand reputation), how much and how the name of a brand, a product or a service is appreciated on the web; thus affirming the validity, the truthfulness and the consistency of the company itself.

Once you have created the videos you will be able to multiply the visits to your site, then you just have to monetize this effort by generating contacts and customers.