Tips on time management for career women


Lack of time, stress, hectic, inability to pull the plug: Sometimes the work seems to fully absorb our days, giving the impression of not having accomplished nothing of what we should have.

It is a common condition that often arises from the lack of organization, or by a capacity of the time incomplete or rough handling.

However, with regard to women’s careers in the grounds and can be further connected to an unequal division of leisure and work, still strongly linked to the traditional concept of gender and roles (especially as regards the family level).

For a single woman’s speech on time management it is essentially linked to the need to emerge and overcome prejudice or distorted visions, coming to the point of exhausting all energy and no longer be able to achieve its goals; for a married woman, maybe with children, everything we add the burdens of family life that often eats exclusively on her shoulders. In both cases, stress, anxiety and quickly pile up, giving only result of losing a lot of time, never recharge and thereby making below it means.

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We attempt to address the problem by providing tips that are as effective as possible for each category of woman. How to better manage your time and increase productivity, in order to combine private life and career?

#1- Planning your days: establish priorities

The organization is the only possible solution to tackle full days and challenging. Make sure to be clear about the day’s program, or perhaps the week, to avoid to end up with water in the throat due to an appointment or forget a task that I had slipped my mind.

It employs a short amount of time each day for the next program and schedule commitments, meetings and tasks so as to always have a line to follow. Will help you proceed and sent to deal with the unexpected that inevitably befall: in this way, you will be harder to forget something and, above all, you do not waste your time to decide what to do from time to time.

#2- Prevail a limit time limit

You can adjust the time management the famous Parkinson’s Law: synthesizing, “more time you will have, the more you will waste”. The point is this, because the more a task seems far away in time and unless you are urged to finalize it rapidly.

To overcome this, establish a maximum time to be used to complete each commitment. Obviously, it must be a realistic timeframe, so it is useless to give yourself a limit of one hour if realistically it takes at least a couple! Firestone just find yourself with even more busy and stressed.

The secret, therefore, is in impose a maximum limit to be respected for each time slot while programs for the day without take it too easy, without delay but without even attribution “superpowers”: this exponentially increase your productivity and, with it, your satisfaction.

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#3- Starts from most difficult tasks

Very often anxiety pushes us to postpone the most difficult tasks in the day, thus beginning from easy. This behavior, seemingly logical, is highly counterproductive: much of our day is engaged in negligible or trivial jobs that we tend to complete more time than it would be sufficient, thus leaving little room to maneuver to get down to it, the more complex tasks.

Choose what you really do not like to do and put yourself under: just focused on that, without prevarication and without changing idea. Do not move from one job to another in order to postpone something that anyway, sooner or later, you will have to face.

Although you will need a great effort on your part (at least initially), learn to grapple first with the most strenuous commitments will help you worry about the most simple tasks for a tiny portion of your day.

#4- Delete (or reduce to a minimum) the distractions

We live in the era of continuous connections, Social Networks and more distractions at hand. It seems trivial, but ignore all devices that may disturb us is the first thing to do if we want to be more productive and save time.

Having always open Facebook is a great excuse to get away from something boring or problematic. The point is that every time we give in to a distraction, even the most innocent, our brain takes about half an hour to return to a state of good concentration.

How many times we proceed shipped to a job and, as a result of a notification or an email, you pass a quarter of an hour on your smartphone? How long does it take to pick up the pace? Much, too much time that you cannot afford to waste.

Your program breaks, unplug the phone (if you can) and Set yourself to check email and Social Networks only during the breaks that you’ve decided to grant (because a break every now and then is not only useful but, rather, it is also advisable).

When at the end of the day you complete twice as many goals than usual, or perhaps you will have used half of the time to carry out, then you can give yourself all the distractions you need … and you’ll have more time to enjoy!

#5- Learn to say no and take care of yourself!

An alternative title might be “do not let the extra-burdening business commitments only on you”.

Learn to not always show too available to colleagues or to the leaders, do not carry an excessive burden and should not exceed levels of stress and fatigue that cannot stand.

Often your desire to do pushes others to take advantage of your kindness, or to expect the highest at any time and on any occasion: if you have nothing else to do or understand that this “favor” you commit extremely, or are just too tired to do it, politely declines and continues to keep your schedule.

If you live, you’re married and / or have children, agrees with the partners a fair division of tasks home and make sure that child care does not become a only your concern is no longer assume that the woman is to be mother and woman home before working as well as you do not give up your career or job that suits you to please someone else.

Take care of yourself, meet with friends, go to the cinema, to the theater, to dinner: cut out all those spaces for you that are essential for your well-being and, above all, do not feel guilty about it!