What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

When a child is quite small, parents do not even doubt that he will become a young genius and will study well at school. But on the threshold of September 1 – and after it the first bad grades. Perplexed moms and dads face the most serious problem in life: the child does not want to learn.

Why is this happening and what measures should parents have taken in this situation?

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

Where to start if the child does not want to learn?

All students can be divided into several groups:

  • Pupils who receive knowledge with pleasure and enthusiasm.
  • Learning children are calm but responsible.
  • The guys following the school rules “through force.”
  • Schoolchildren categorically refusing to study.

When your child is in the last two categories, the primary task of parents is to instill the interest of the child in classes and lessons. The sooner you realize and solve the problem, the more chances you give your child a decent education in the future.

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

Remember! The reasons for what is happening lie in a particular situation. Wanting to help the child, the first thing it is important to find out why he does not want to learn or flatly refuses to go to school. Knowing the problem, you can choose several ways to fix it.

The child does not want to learn: schoolboy psychology

90% of children who refuse to participate in the educational process do it for 4 common reasons – the child has a bad relationship with classmates or teachers, it simply does not work, the parents overly control their education or, on the contrary, prefer not to interfere.

Let us examine in more detail all the above factors that affect the child’s unwillingness to receive knowledge.

Factor number 1. “I do not go to study”

All babies have different talents and levels of intellectual ability. If your child is deep in his soul – a great romantic who dreams of becoming a painter or a poet, then it is foolish to assume that he will wish to study mathematics or physics. If a child does not want to learn at all because of this very reason, then parents should reveal his aspirations; reveal career guidance, directing the energy of the child in the right direction. Record the child in a music school, art studio, pick up an exciting circle, corresponding to the circle of his interests.

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

Another problem is also relevant when children do not cope with the school program. In this case, it is worth thinking of special classes or professional tutors capable of explaining the basics of the studied sciences to the rest. A child who does not feel like a “black sheep” in his lessons absorbs new knowledge much more actively.

Factor №2. Personal relationships in the classroom

What do you know about the school life of the child, in addition to the estimates in the diary? With whom he is friends, with whom he is hostile, who likes him? Acute unwillingness to study is often caused by problems with peers or teachers, conflicts, hazing, especially when it comes to adolescents 10-12 years old.

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

The situation is completely solvable: for a start, you need to tell the child how to behave in a given situation, give advice and instructions. The extreme measure is to transfer the baby to another class/school.

Factor number 3. Comprehensive control

Coming home after school, children most of all dream of rest and exciting pastime. But in most cases, the case takes a completely different turn: as soon as the child has eaten, he is immediately forced to do his homework. Naturally, the child’s interest in learning immediately goes out.

Give your baby a little freedom; let them choose their own time for games and studies.

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

Factor №4. Total lack of control

Here the situation is fundamentally opposite: parents do not follow the implementation of lessons. Remember – self-control and self-organization of children are extremely undeveloped. Choosing between homework and TV, the child will certainly stop at the second option of leisure activities. The task of adults is to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline in the baby.

And what else?

Before you are not a complete list of reasons why a child is not at all inclined to study. Sometimes parents can be difficult to understand the true state of affairs – even resorting to the help of teachers. In this case, you should resort to consulting a psychologist, because the reluctance to learn can be explained by other problems, including:

  1. Unfavorable home atmosphere, conflicts, and quarrels in the family, which hampers the intellectual development of the baby, reduces motivation to learn.
  2. Bad company – if a child communicates with children who do not want to learn at all, then most likely he will support them in this.
  3. Complexes – when a child has speech or appearance defects, he will be extremely shy in class, fearing to attract “extra” attention.

What If The Child Does Not Want To Learn?

What if the child does not want to learn? First of all – to penetrate into his fears and problems. Finding out why the kid refuses to follow school rules, parents will solve 70% of the problem, which means they will find a way to help him. The further life of the child will depend on the correct reaction of adults to the situation.