The First Dance In Wedding

The First Dance In Wedding

In the life of most couples, a moment comes once when a man makes an offer to his beloved. How much joy does a woman embrace when she hears it! But the wedding day is probably an even happier event! I really want it to be perfect, remember forever. Menu, guests, and gifts – all this is important, but there is one more detail. The first dance of the young at the wedding of 2019 is a great opportunity to show your feelings, to complement the celebration with positive emotions.

There are many different options. Here we will discuss what ideas are worth attention. But it is worth remembering that there is nothing universal, each couple has its own preferences and a special style of the entire wedding. In 2019, invented so many experiments on this day that it is simply impossible to name one type of dance for everyone. There are several factors to consider:

  1. The ability to move. The most important item on this list. Of course, not all professionals are in this business, but if there is certain stiffness, then it is better to put aside the energetic options.
  2. Clothing. If the movements are smooth, then a long fluffy dress will not interfere, but for lovers of something quick, it is better to think over the wardrobe in advance. This will help avoid falls and injuries.
  3. Budget. To dance beautifully, you need to learn it (except for those who have been engaged for a long time). And for this, it is advisable to hire a choreographer. He will help rehearse all movements and show how to do it.

No less important is the musical accompaniment. But you can talk about him a little more.

The First Dance In Wedding

Beautiful music – half the success

To correctly choose the right melody, first of all, it is important to discuss the style of dance. For a traditional waltz, classic compositions are perfect. In particular, the works of Mozart and Haydn. They sound great and are easy to find for reproduction.

Touching melodies from movies are also popular. They are so many that each and cannot describe. Selection is better to start doing right after the start of preparation for the wedding because this is an important moment.

The First Dance In Wedding

It’s just amazing when one of the newlyweds writes music himself. In this case, it will sound a unique work, which was written specifically for this solemn day. This, of course, is rare, but some can afford to hire a composer.

Also in demand and beautiful songs. Most often they choose French and English, but this is not mandatory. There are many options in any language and taking into account the diverse traditions of different nationalities.

Incendiary hits are also chosen because the first dance does not have to be slow at all.

First wedding dance: types

About such a classic version, like a waltz mentioned above, this is the most common option. He looks very gentle and romantic. But there are those who want something very bright. In 2019, tango is increasingly chosen. This is ideal for courageous couples who are not afraid to show their feelings.

Gaining popularity and Latino style. Perfect fit temperamental newlyweds. But it is worth remembering that you will not be able to learn the movements yourself, so you cannot do without a choreographer.

Rock’n’roll, jive, and twist are still common. They are so fiery that none of the guests will remain indifferent. True, it also requires special preparation.

Not far behind and dance with a surprise. This is when the couple initially moves in a waltz style, and then abruptly turns into something fast and bright. You can also add modern options, like hip-hop. But it depends on the preferences of the young.

In general, the wedding dance is an important part of the celebration, the main thing to rehearse everything in advance and that both were happy!