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How our education system is structured

The way in which our education system is structured has changed quite considerably from what it was. The Education Act of 1988 was a fundamental shift away from what had gone before. It paved the way for the inclusive and modernist education system that we have today. It has embraced the difference of children and their learning styles in ways that had never been thought of before. There is a determination from educational professionals to provide a real force for change in many childrens lives so that they can be the best person they can be and live the best life they can. The introduction of technology and the use of Websites for schools, like those from can only improve education going forward.

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Rudimentary learning and schools were limited to those who could afford it or were seeking their child to go into the religious orders. Whilst it was a requirement of lords and noblemen to know latin and be able to write it wasn’t for all the classes below. Schools began to take in more students as the need for a better educated workforce grew and grew.

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By the 1950s and 60s the established order of the Grammar School and the Comprehensive had fully established itself. While it would be fair to say that this two tier system created inequality, if you went to grammar you had a much better prospect of going to University but comprehensive entailed factory and retail work.

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