Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!

Whether for work or studies more and more people who experience a long-distance relationship. The world is globalized and this is inevitable. If you’re sick of hearing it will not work and it is better that you leave it, read on to discover why distance relationships are difficult, but worth it. Continue reading “Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!”

Decorating your table

Six great ideas for decorating your table in summer

Summer brings color, freshness, joy, relax … and there is almost nothing better than enjoying the summer with a good meal with friends. There are many plans that can rotate around a table: outdoor dining, one relaxed lunch, tea beside the pool … to give a fun twist to these moments bet decorate the table in a different way, summery and simple details, but effective. Continue reading “Six great ideas for decorating your table in summer”

Being a boss

How to stop being a boss to be a leader

When speaking of the paradigm shift, chief leader, the names that come to mind are, for example, the founder of Apple – Steve Jobs, or Amazon – Jeff Bezos.

However, although these cases are remarkable and today, do not forget illustrious leaders who took their companies critical situations such as Lee Iacocca, Chrysler, or General Electric Jack Welch. Continue reading “How to stop being a boss to be a leader”

Amino acids or proteins

Amino acids or proteins, a difficult decision

The sports supplementation is a help that most of those who practice exercise typically used to achieve better results or to perform workout routines in a more fruitful way. With regard to supplements, there is great doubt among the most used, protein shakes and amino acids. Both have a similar purpose, but nevertheless understood as the same are not, as in the body react differently. Continue reading “Amino acids or proteins, a difficult decision”


The Decalogue freelance

It self-employed, is the beginning, it is not easy, unless, of course on starting a portfolio of own customers, in which case, the story changes diametrically.

Except these particular cases, which usually correspond to professionals working for others and strengthen relationships with customers enabling them to become, at one time, establish their own, most, starting from scratch. Continue reading “The Decalogue freelance”

summer dresses

The most appetizing summer dresses with these ideas

Every morning when you wake up one feels good and with an energy that seems to never end, Good weather, sunlight and high temperatures can assist in this process, and all that good rollismo is transmitted when dressing. Looks simple but ideal where simplicity is present but shows us that is not important. Gauzy garments and pleasure found in stores, and these look so we ratify it. Continue reading “The most appetizing summer dresses with these ideas”

Cold cream of carrots and mango

Summer Recipe – Cold cream of carrots and mango

With this heat wave we only think of eating cold dishes to help us rehydrate. Today we will prepare a very special, one cold cream of carrots and mango which is very refreshing and also takes a bit of celery and a touch of fresh ginger in their preparation.

To prepare this recipe summer, because it is very simple and can serve for a change and not resort to the usual, although logically we love, we repeated too many times. Continue reading “Summer Recipe – Cold cream of carrots and mango”

Chrome OS

Is it time has come to take Chrome OS seriously?

The ranking of the desktop operating systems takes time without seeing significant changes. Windows takes years of absolute rule; Mac OS X maintains a stable percentage of users and conventional GNU / Linux still struggling to gain a foothold without all the success that many deserve.

Google tried some years ago to create an alternative to Chrome OS. Being based solely on the cloud was a limited system and many will not inaugurals a good future. But now that is about to be able to run all applications Android is completely transformed, and perhaps the time to start taking it seriously as a worthy candidate to close the gap with Windows and Mac has arrived.

In fact, the first step has already been silent in recent months. During the first quarter of 2016 we have been sold 2 million Chromebook in the United States, surpassing the 1.76 million Macs were sold during the same period and all this while still a limited operating system features. Continue reading “Is it time has come to take Chrome OS seriously?”