Tips for Buying the Perfect Fragrance for You

Buying the perfect fragrance to fit your needs is never easy. To make matters worse, there are a number of places that sell quality perfume for cheap prices. Below are some tips that you can use to find the perfect fragrance to fit your individual taste. Whether you buy perfume from a site such as or from a local perfume provider, these tips can help you find the right scent.

Don’t Choose a Perfume Based on Description Alone

The description of a perfume is a great way to get a better idea of how a fragrance smells. Any perfume can contain hundreds of ingredients that are designed to make its smell unique, so don’t base your choice off of a small description. No two perfumes smell the same even if they feature many of the same scents. Just because a perfume contains a scent that you typically don’t like doesn’t mean that you won’t like the overall fragrance.

Your Skin Doesn’t Change the Smell of a Fragrance

A popular myth is that fragrances smell differently on everyone. However, everyone’s skin has roughly the same pH. It’s not your skin that’s changing the smell of the fragrance. It’s other products that you already have on your body, such as moisturizers and body washes. However, instead of washing off these products, go through your normal beauty routine before trying new fragrances. This way, you’ll know exactly how that scent will smell on you on a daily basis.

Spray Fragrances on Other Parts of Your Body Besides Your Wrists

The most common place for people to spray fragrances that they’re testing is on their wrists. After all, it’s an easy place to reach. However, metal bracelets can affect how the fragrance smells. Instead, spray the fragrance on the upper part of your arm. Then roll down your sleeve, and wear the scent for the rest of the day. This will give you a much better idea of whether or not you like the scent. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the smell of your jewelry affecting the way the perfume smells.

Wait for the Fragrance to Dry Completely Before Smelling It

Many places that sell perfume offer blotting paper so that you can test fragrances without putting them on your body. While the blotting papers are nice, many people don’t use them correctly. When you spray the fragrance on the paper, let it completely dry before you smell it. Unlike your skin, the paper won’t absorb the fragrance right away. Smelling it before it dries doesn’t allow the true scent of the fragrance to come out. The longer that it sits, the better that the true scent will emerge. One good option is to put the blot in your purse, and forget about it. When you go to open your purse later, you’ll get a whiff of the true scent of the perfume.

Give Your Senses a Break

When people go perfume shopping, they often smell dozens of scents before they pick one. However, your senses can and will become overwhelmed. When this happens, it’s hard to tell one scent from another. Before you jump between fragrances, give your nose a breather or something different to smell. One of the best things to carry with you is a small container of coffee beans. The smell helps reset your nose and get you ready for the next fragrance.

Pick Something That You Like

It’s important to pick a scent that you like. While you want a scent that your partner will love, it’s just as important for you to like the scent because you’ll be wearing it all the time. However, don’t pick a scent that your partner hates. After all, you may not notice the smell after wearing it for a while, but your partner will. The goal of fragrance is to attract people, not push them away.

Using these tips can simplify the challenging process of picking out the perfect fragrance. While a lot of websites provide reviews on perfume, remember that everyone has different tastes and likes different smells. Instead, focus on using these tips when it comes to picking out a fragrance.