The impact of Arne Jacobsen on Danish architecture

If you’ve never heard of Arne Jacobsen, he was a highly influential Danish architect and design icon who left a strong legacy right across the world. As well as designing many buildings dotted across Denmark, he also designed some very iconic furniture, namely the Swan and Egg Chair. For your own Egg Chair to adorn your interior, choose an Egg Chair from Pash Classics.

A visit to Copenhagen is like a living testament to the life’s work of Arne Jacobsen, as he designed so many things, from the tickets and uniforms of the lifeguard towers of the Bellevue Beach Resort to the hotels of the city. Here are some examples:

Bellevue Theatre

Not far from Copenhagen is the Bellevue Resort, a seaside development in a modernist style that was designed by Jacobsen in the 1930s. The theatre overlooking the beach was also designed by him. During the summer, the roof can be retracted so performances can be staged outdoors.

Bellevue Beach

During the 1930s, the reason Arne Jacobsen designed the entire Bellevue resort was thanks to winning a competition. Everything you see here has Jacobsen’s hand in it, from the distinctive stripy towers and staff uniforms to the tickets and Sea Baths. It is truly a modernist masterpiece within walking distance of the Klampenborg Train Station.

Radisson BLU Royal Hotel

This hotel is located near Tivoli, Copenhagen and has been described as the world’s very first design hotel. It was completely designed by Jacobsen and opened its doors in 1960. It boasts fabulous views across the city from its restaurant.

Aarhus City Hall

Such is the architectural importance of this building that it has protected status. The City Hall was designed by Jacobsen and Erik Moller in 1941 and is a fine example of function in architecture. The clock tower was a later addition over public pressure to install one.

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Skovshoved Petrol Station

You wouldn’t imagine that a petrol station would be worth visiting, but a Jacobsen one certainly is. It is a wonderful example of modern Danish architecture in a distinctive white colour next to the sea at Charlottenlund and was designed in 1938.

The Danish National Bank

Another Copenhagen building completely designed by Jacobsen includes the Danish National Bank that dominates the waterfront with its stark exterior. The interior is also distinctly Jacobsen with clocks, door handles and lamps designed by him.

The Bella Vista Estate

This is an apartment block that demonstrates clean, crisp lines and is located on the Bellevue Beach Resort. It has a unique and distinctive façade that you can see as you drive the coastal road north from Copenhagen. It is another example of classic Jacobsen.

Designmuseum Denmark

If you walk along one of the finest streets of Copenhagen, the Bredgade, you’ll see even more of Jacobsen’s work. Bredgade is full of antique stores and you’ll be sure to spot the Swan or Egg Chair made so famous by Jacobsen. You can also find out more about these chairs at the Designmuseum Denmark, also on Bredgade.