How to Cope When you Have Been Made Redundant

Being made redundant is something that many people have had to experience, particularly in the past year when businesses have been troubled by the economic instability caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is something which can cause a lot of distress and if you have been made redundant or are potentially facing redundancy you are probably feeling worried about the future.

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Some people feel a loss of identity, if their job was a big part of their life, they may well feel like they have lost a part of themselves. Other people feel a wide range of feelings from fear to anger to sadness and grief – and often all at the same time! So don’t worry if this is something that you are feeling!

It is a good thing to also know the law when it comes to redundancy as well as your rights – for example you shouldn’t be made redundant based on something like your age or your ethnicity, and if you do feel that you have been made redundant unfairly then you should seek advice from an expert in making a constructive dismissal claim like Employment Law Friend for example.

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Practically speaking, you also need to sort out your finances, plan what you have and what help you are entitled to when you do not have a job, so that you don’t have to worry about being unable to pay the bills, and it is also good to have the support of friends and family that you can talk to during this difficult time.