A step-by-step guide to solar panel installation

Wondering how solar panels are installed when you call in the experts? Here’s what you need to know before considering this investment for your home or business. These steps tend to be the same regardless as to how many solar panels are being installed or what type of building you have.

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  1. Scaffolding is put up
    This is usually undertaken by a third party working independently of your provider of solar panel installation Portishead or elsewhere, although some firms will do it all. You can find out more at: https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-portishead.

    2. Attach brackets
    Your roof needs to be in good condition because the solar panel installation in Portishead service will fix brackets to support the PV system.

    3. Add the mounting system
    This is a framework that runs across the roof in a criss-cross pattern to keep the solar panels in place. It also angles them to maximise exposure to the sun’s rays.

    4. Add the inverter
    This device converts energy from the sun into electricity for use directly in the underlying building. It will go indoors, usually inside your loft. This section of the job can take up to six hours. A battery can also be connected to the inverter.

    5. Put the solar panels in place
    The installer will add the solar panels into your frame and secure them, adding the wires to the inverter.

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6. Add the consumer unit
This will be the step when the entire new system is connected to the consumer unit in your existing electrical system. You will be able to track your statistics and see how the solar PV system is contributing clean energy.

It’s a simple process but you’ll need a professional local solar PV installer in Portishead or elsewhere.