Four tips for creating great HTML banner ads

A great HTML banner ad can have a huge impact on traffic, and ultimately on sales. Check out these four tips for creating expert and effective HTML banner ads.

1. Clarity and simplicity

This is absolutely key in creating great HTML banner ads. Web users will only glance momentarily at your ad, if at all, so the message needs to be both brief and clear. This means reducing the total word count and using images to convey messages. If there is an image of a product, for example, you do not need to waste text by naming it. Choose all other words carefully.

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  1. Urgency

    This is also paramount to successful HTML banner advertising. Users need to feel like they can’t look past your ad or they simply won’t engage. Wording that implies limited availability can help create a sense of urgency; however, urgency is not only created with words but also with your choice of font and colours.

    3. Be recognisable

    Make sure you are recognisable in your ad. This means keeping ads consistent with the colours, fonts and logos used on your site and across your brand marketing. If the user already recognises the brand, half the work is done and you can concentrate on the main message.

    4. Correct specifications

    Banner ads are frequently let down because the creator has not checked the technical specs for each ad platform. This can be a costly, not to mention embarrassing, mistake. One way around this is to appoint a professional agency, such as, that already possesses this knowledge.

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A good banner ad can really drive traffic and sales, but a bad one can be a costly mistake. If you feel out of your comfort zone, consider appointing a professional and trusted banner creator.