The Benefits of Community Living For Older People

Community living describes a wide range of options for individuals to live semi-independently in homes and apartments with others of varying abilities. This may be a group of people with similar interests, demographics or ideologies who choose to reside together and share daily chores, meals and other amenities such as transportation. Some examples include retirement villages, monasteries (for nuns and monks) and communes.

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Regardless of age or level of ability, it’s important for adults to feel included in their local community. When they’re isolated, their mental and emotional health can suffer. Inclusive feelings offer many benefits for families too, as they can be assured that their loved ones are happy and being well cared for.

A renewed sense of purpose

A lot of older people often don’t wish to leave their own home, but can often find that it’s a relief to lose the responsibilities that come with homeownership – such as cleaning and maintaining the house, mowing the lawn or dealing with a clogged sink. In addition, community senior living environments offer a plethora of social and recreational activities that can give them something to look forward to each day.

Exercise is critical to a senior’s overall wellbeing, but it can be hard for them to keep up an active lifestyle at home with limited physical mobility or transportation resources. In a community living setting like Gloucestershire Park Homes, it’s easier for them to stay active and connect with their peers through planned fitness programmes, such as chair yoga or tai chi.

More laughter

Laughter is one of the best things for your body, reducing stress and tension while boosting the immune system. In a community living environment, there’s always someone around to make you smile and keep you company. Why not consider Gloucestershire Park Homes and visit Park Home Life?

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Reduced expenses

The vast majority of older adults prefer to continue aging in place, but changes in their physical or emotional health can make it unsafe or unsustainable for them to remain at home. Choosing a community living option can help ease the transition to new surroundings and provide their loved ones with peace of mind, knowing that they will be safe and well taken care of.

For their families, a sense of inclusion through community living means that they can spend more time together without worrying about the future and all of the potential challenges that come with caring for an aging relative.