Can meter boxes be painted?

As meter boxes age, it’s common for them to get damaged through general wear and tear. If your meter box is starting to look unsightly and bringing down the tone of the rest of your home, you may be wondering if you can paint it. Take a look at what you need to know.

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What type of meter do you have?

This applies whether you’re looking to paint an electric meter or a gas meter. The most common types of meters are either made from GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) or metal.

The advantage of GRP is that it’s more durable than metal because it’s corrosion resistant. However, metal can and will rust over time and should be assessed before being painted. If you’re planning on painting your meter box, you should ensure you choose the right paint for the material on your meter box.

How to paint safely

You should always make sure that the paint you use doesn’t have any effect on the operation of your meter. For instance, drying paint that blocks vents on a gas meter could be dangerous.

If you choose to paint your meters, special care should be taken throughout so that your meters remain safe to use. If you choose the wrong paint for your meter, you may end up having to do the job again because of flaking or bubbling.

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Alternatives to painting

If you’re unsure of how to paint your GRP or metal meter box, a better alternative could be to replace the box. Replacing your meter box is a simple process that can be done with home tools in a short time. You can purchase a new metal meter box from a specialist site such as

You can also think about cleaning your meter box to see if you can remove the wear and tear. You may be surprised by how much you can improve it. When cleaning your meter box, be sure to only clean the outside. Here are some tips:

Whether you choose to paint or replace your meter box, it’s wise to be cautious during the process.