How to Care for Your Wood Flooring

You might not have considered that a wooden floor would need any special care or attention, but giving it a special part of your cleaning routine can extend the life of your floor significantly.

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Regular Cleaning

Keeping your floor clean and free from dirt and dust is a great place to start looking after your floor, so you can minimise the risk of scratches and other damage. Sweep or vacuum daily and mop spills as soon as you can so liquid does not stain. Leaving a wooden floor wet can cause irreparable damage. If you have wood flooring in your place of work it may be an idea to contact a Gloucester commercial cleaning company to come in regularly and clean the flooring as well as other parts of your office. This is will help to ensure that any marks and high traffic areas are cleaned before issues occur with the quality of the flooring.

Engineered wood, with a layer of wood on the top, should be treated the same way as real wood. Make sure vacuum cleaners have a soft floor attachment, again to avoid scratches. A damp microfiber cloth can help pick up dirt from the floor, too.

Protection for Your Floor

Using mats and rugs can be a simple, cost-effective way of protecting your floor, and a great way to introduce a splash of colour. Whereas a wooden floor can be a significant investment, a rug or mat can be an inexpensive way of updating your decor.

Placing a mat beside your entrances, or a runner along heavy traffic areas, can help prevent dirt and debris from outside being walked through the house. It also minimises damage to the top layer or wood. You might also consider a ban on shoes in the house, particularly high heeled shoes!

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Choose the Right Products

Be careful with the cleaning products you choose and, if you can, opt for something that is designed for wooden floors specifically. Avoid harsh detergents and wire brushes, and make sure mops and clothes are clean so as not to scratch the surface.

Caring for oak engineered flooring can seem like a lot of effort but it is worth it. For more information on the pros of installing wood flooring, check out Wood and Beyond.

If wood or engineered wood is the right choice for your home or business premises you can find a wide range of colours and styles available to suit your needs

Ultimately, the style and decor in your house, and room to room, is a personal choice, so be sure to take your time and plan carefully.