Juggling the Demands of Sports and Studies

Studying at college, university or another institution requires energy and focus. Sports training at a high level is also physically and mentally demanding. But success in academics and sporting excellence do not have to cancel each other out. With discipline, commitment and forward-planning it is possible to maintain a high performance in both areas. It may be difficult at times, but stay motivated and realistic and you will continue to see positive results.


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Read on to discover some helpful ways to juggle your studies with your sporting commitments.

Have a Schedule

Keep a detailed schedule of your daily classes and training commitments, along with the deadlines for any assignments. That way you will have a clear and objective idea of how many hours a day or week you have free and which commitments are compulsory. This will help you to feel in control and to plan effectively. If you have a competition or a match at a similar time to when an assignment is due, for example, plan ahead and try to get the assignment handed in early.

Practise at Home

If you are not able to hit the gym as much as you would like or simply want to continue improving even away from formal training, practise at home. There is lots of advice online depending on your chosen sport. If you are involved in football or hockey, for example, why not find a field hockey drill video to train with or a set plan on reputable websites such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/drills.jsp? That way you are always using spare time effectively.

Keep Officials Informed

Always keep your teachers and your coaches informed about your situation. They may be able to assist you to meet the challenges and will be experienced in coming up with flexible solutions. Don’t be tempted to bear the burden on your own or to allow your attendance to drop. Teachers and coaches are often very understanding as long as they are kept informed. Triathlete brothers Jonny and Alistair Brownlee continued their training and were supported by their university, and the faculty continues to report on their success.

Rest Effectively

Don’t be tempted to fill every waking minute. Schedule some downtime to allow your body and mind to recover effectively. Your performance will be dramatically better in both areas if you feel strong, healthy and refreshed.