Advantages of being authentic at work


If we take a look around us, we see that the behaviors, the way of dressing, even the way of speaking each time is more homogeneous.

Authenticity and originality seem to have gone out of style. Says the philosopher Ralph W. Emerson: “Being yourself in a world that constantly tries to transform you into something different is the greatest achievement.” Are you authentic in the workplace?

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Difficult but not impossible to let your personality shine

In this time of undertaking, of admitting that if we do not take a step forward and we stop fearing the changes, the most difficult of all is to achieve shine in a market where the patterns are repeated.

Are we able to risk and be ourselves without resembling the mass? There is more to see some social networks to check that strategies are repeated.

In the field of fashion, especially. Same poses, same aesthetic, even the language is identical. Your project, your business will try to be different or as happens with people, will be what is expected of it?

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Goodbye to standardize

Of course we want to be loved and accepted among our customers, but is there room for creativity? If we know each other well, if we run away from that boring current that tends to harmonize tastes, perhaps we stand out for being authentic, different, extraordinary.

That does not mean to skip the rules, but to try to find a niche and surprise. To do the same as the rest, he leaves.

When we enter an application and we see that it is a copy of another, when through a social network we look for a service and we observe that its publicity is identical to the rest what is our reaction?

Do not be afraid to present a product or service without following the same standards as our competitors. “Who is authentic, takes responsibility for being what he is and recognizes himself free to be what he is” (Jean Paul Sartre).