How to organize a virtual trading

virtual trading

It is increasingly common for negotiations are conducted in virtual mode; it is a consequence of offshoring and outsourcing.

Lack of personal contact is a limitation that you must learn to ignore and that we must consider to successfully bring these negotiations.

virtual trading
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Factors virtual trading

To achieve safely interact and negotiate necessary:

  • Information

As in any negotiation success will depend on the amount of relevant information we have.

  • Credibility

Our body language is limited by the characteristics of the online medium, so that credibility is determined by what our arguments convincing result.

  • Technology gap

Not a day of technology can determine the failure of a negotiation not knowing react to contingencies that may occur as loss of audio, or image, disconnections, interference, etc., knowing technological alternatives will help us continue with negotiation.

  • Structuring trading

This is critical because if-face negotiations is very simple that the thread of negotiation varies gives recurring, much more so is the virtual negotiation because the parties, rather than interact, what they do is to exchange arguments, proposals and following commitments virtual patterns.

The online trading has its main utility for proposals, closing deals, preliminary agreements and supply the other hand all the information required to reduce the uncertainty inherent in the negotiation.

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