7 best romantic movies on HBO

romantic movies

Romantic movies on HBO are the best company for those Sunday afternoons when they plan to stay at home. Although, for some couples, every day is good for sharing movies.

Whatever the situation may be, on the screen you will find the most tender productions you are looking for. Perhaps, it makes you want to love yourself more than you are used to, after seeing them.

7 best romantic movies on HBO that are worth seeing again forever

Current and not so much, these are undoubtedly the romantic films that everyone will remember at some point in their lives.

1. Love and Piety

romantic movies

The life of a singer like Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys band, is one of the romantic movies on HBO that captures everyone’s attention. A true conjunction between reality and fiction that touches the most intimate fibers of people.

The story of a young man who, with an authoritarian father, finds an escape in the art of music. However, along the way, he meets professionals and companies that set him in a terrible trap.

Trapped by his psychiatric problems, addictions, and people who abuse his condition, love comes into his life. Will it be the second wife of the singer who manages to save him from the maelstrom of fame?

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2. From here to eternity

A proof that even in the worst wars, love is present and people get carried away by romances. The heart or the desire, they win to the real dramas and they are allowed to live a different history.

A plot in which lives and relationships of different kinds intersect. Infidelity, prostitution, and ambition compete to get away with it, although the end does not seem to reward them.

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3. Something to remember

romantic movies

From the decade of the 90s, he maintains his ability to thrill and touch the hearts of filmmakers. A man loses his wife and finds himself alone with sadness and a small son.

The Christmas holidays are approaching and everything seems even more painful. However, the child manages to find a solution to his father’s pain. He knows that only a new woman in their lives could bring joy back home. Write a message to the radio and the Christmas miracle begins.

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4. Match Point

Social classes and love have left many adventures in the path of human relationships. This production of Michael Bay, tells the love triangle in which Chris Wilson is caught and must decide.

His professional ambition brought him closer to the woman who opened the doors of high society. All businesses are in your hands’ thanks to your partner. However, true love guides him in another direction and puts before him an American with whom another story begins.

How much can you lose by your choice? How far does the power of a despised woman in an elitist society?

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5. Someone has to give

How many couples will feel identified with this movie! A music entrepreneur who is always shown with young women. He is one of those who promotes couples of different ages until one day he meets his new mother-in-law.

He suffers a cardiac complication for which he must be assisted by his girlfriend’s mother. While they shared time together, they both noticed that something else was coming between them. With very strong personalities and with young suitors both, they have to make a decision.

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6. The wedding of my best friend

Julia Robert plays Julianne, a girl who discovers that she is in love with her best friend and decides to avoid her wedding. A romantic and original comedy is able to excite and cause laughter at the same time.

In three days you must put together the plan to show your friend all the love and conquer it. The competition is a beautiful girl of the highest social class who also treats her as a family.

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7. 4 weddings and a funeral

romantic movies on HBO

In every group, there is usually the bachelor who flees to the commitments and boasts of his funny life. In fact, he attends the weddings of his friends for the sole purpose of boasting more of his freedom.

Among the romantic films on HBO, in 4 weddings and a funeral is Charles, the famous leading man without serious relationships. However, love for all comes to them once and at the least though.

Charles drinks his own medicine when he meets Carrie, with whom he falls madly in love with. They spend a night together and lose contact until the next wedding, only this time she is accompanied.

Have you already chosen which of these romantic movies on HBO will you see again?

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