How can Electroless Nickel Plating be used?

The modern age that we live in has many benefits. Advanced medical care and manufacturing have given us a longer lifespan and also allowed us to spend more time doing the things we enjoy. Behind the scenes of this lifestyle, there are tireless systems and processes in place to keep everything running smoothly. One factor that our ancestors struggled to cope with,  and we still do today, is that of rust. Ever since we started using iron and other metals, either on their own or as an alloy, they have been subject to the elements. If you combine water and air together, you will start to see the effects of rust. How can we stop this from happening or, at the very least, try and slow its progress?

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The answer is in the form of Electroless Nickel Plating. One of the best suppliers of this process is It is always best to use a professional company with lots of experience in these areas.

What would you look to use Electroless Nickel Plating for?

First off, let’s take some time to understand the processes. In the beginning, the substance that you want to coat in the nickel plating needs to be properly prepared. This involves soaking the subject in various chemicals that will enable the bonding of the nickel to take place. A dust and dirt-free surface are essential for the Electroless Nickel Plating to occur. Water is then used to wash off the chemicals.

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However, not all the chemicals are removed. When the subject is added to the nickel solution, the chemicals cause the nickel to bond with the subject. They then set rockhard and provided a brilliant covering for the material. It’s incredibly long-lasting and effective.

The aerospace industry is the place that benefits the most from the process. It’s a good job, as, without it, our aeroplanes would not survive the flights we put them through. Rotors for helicopters are coated, for example. Drive shafts in engines are another. On a lower level, but no more important, door handles are also coated. Machine tools are another.

One of the most important uses is the covering of printed circuit boards. The last thing that you would want is for the inside of your computer to become rusty.