Month: September 2018

How e-commerce businesses are transforming retail

Recent Office for National Statistics figures show the retail sector’s online sales are around 20% of the market. While this share was previously taken up by large online companies such as Amazon, figures suggest smaller [..]

How to buy the right new-build home

New-build homes are appealing. People like to be the first to own a property, repairs are minimal initially, new properties have guarantees, and running costs are low. Image Credit Avoid dodgy developers To avoid suspect [..]

Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about Chlamydia

Despite increased awareness and education, the rate of sexually transmitted infections continues to rise. Many doctors believe that it is embarrassment that makes so many people avoid getting help or treatment. Surveys taken also highlight [..]

Getting The Facts About Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, you might not be happy with the way that your body looks, leading you to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon who can give your self-confidence the boost that it needs. There are [..]

perfect wedding

10 tips to have a perfect wedding!

You marry and it is time to pose challenges and new purposes for your perfect wedding. After defining the date and place, what comes next can be more fun and exciting than you think: always [..]

Fall Driving Safety Tips        

As the warmer months come to a close and school resumes, many drivers relax on the defensive end of their driving habits. After all, fewer travelers mean less uptight drivers, right? Each season provides its [..]

Six Great Cab Accessories

If you’re an HGV driver, you can often feel that you spend more time in your cab than you do at home. Long shifts on the road and overnight stays can leave you craving a [..]