Fancy an Indian?

There are many Indian restaurants in the UK where you can enjoy your food while chefs cook.

Here are some of the best Indian restaurants in the UK.

Lasan opened in Birmingham’s Jewellery District in 2002. It quickly became a popular restaurant. The head chef Aktar wanted the best of Indian cuisine and flavours to be combined with a unique modern approach. Locals as well as those who travel further afield have been impressed by the results.

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Curry Leaf Cafe is a Brighton restaurant that has a dual life. You can find this relaxed cafe serving Indian street food during the day, but at night you can enjoy curries from Goa and Bangalore and tandoori-grilled lamb chops. The menu includes at least half vegetarian dishes, but they also cater to vegans and people with gluten intolerances. This dual existence concept has been extremely popular, despite being relatively new, having opened in 2014. The owners now have a second café in Kemptown as well as a food stall in Brighton’s station. Busy restaurants could benefit from a Restaurant Pager System from a site like

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Bundobust, located in Manchester and Leeds, is another restaurant that takes traditional food and adds a modern touch. This restaurant serves craft ales and vegetarian Indian street foods. This is a more relaxed experience with disposable cutlery and bowls. Prices are also lower than in large Indian restaurants. You won’t be able to find meat or the traditional curry dishes here. You will be tempted by the street food options such as vada pav, a brioche bun filled with a spicy mashed potato ball that has been fried.