Symptoms of pregnancy : 10 First symptoms of pregnancy

symptoms of pregnancy

The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy can arise before the delay of menstruation. But can be so subtle that only women who are very attentive to their body or who are trying to get pregnant can notice it because most of the time go unnoticed. The first symptoms you should be aware of are:

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  1. Pink vaginal discharge
  2. Colic and abdominal swelling
  3. Sensitive and swollen breasts
  4. Easy fatigue
  5. Aversion to strong odors
  6. Variations of humor
  7. Dizziness, vomiting or excessive salivation
  8. Cramps, sleep, and headache
  9. Increased desire to urinate
  10. Pimples and oily skin.

However, these symptoms must be taken into account, especially after the menstrual delay occurs, because they can also be confused with the premenstrual syndrome.

Here we write rest of the article first 10 symptoms of pregnancy

1. Pink vaginal discharge

symptoms of pregnancyWhen the ovum is fertilized, there may be a slight discharge of pink discharge. Which is actually the normal discharge that the woman presents (excess of vaginal mucus) with traces of blood caused by the entry of the sperm into the ovum and its displacement towards the uterus. This discharge can appear a few minutes after the relationship or up to 3 days after the intimate contact, sperm life period within the female body. Sometimes, this discharge is only observed when the woman cleans up after urinating. Continue reading: 6 Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy

2. Colic and abdominal pain

With the fertilized ovum there is an increase in blood flow in the pelvic area and, the female hormones are in action to preserve the embryo and continue with the pregnancy. This can cause some abdominal discomfort that can be recognized as menstrual cramps of weak to medium intensity. In addition to that, the woman can still have a small blood loss, similar to menstruation, but in a smaller amount.

Inflammation of the belly is also one of the first symptoms of pregnancy and is caused by the intense pelvic changes that are occurring, arising more frequently in the first 7 days to 2 weeks. Increased blood flow and adaptation to uterine growth are the main cause of this slight abdominal swelling, which for some may go unnoticed. Around 7 weeks of gestation, the lower part of the navel begins to harden.

3. Sensitive and swollen breasts

In the first two weeks of pregnancy. The woman may notice that her breasts become more sensitive. And this is due to the action of hormones that stimulate the mammary glands, preparing the woman for breastfeeding. This way, there is also an increase in the volume of the breasts. Which begins to have the mammary glands more developed to support the needs of the baby after birth.

In addition to this, the nipples may also undergo some alterations, becoming more tender and swollen, and the areola may be darker than normal due to the increased blood flow in the region. Some women may even feel very uncomfortable with the simple touch of the blouse or bra.

4. Easy fatigue

symptoms of pregnancyFatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that can be present throughout pregnancy. Starting to emerge around the second week. It is normal that this fatigue increases during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, while the body adapts all its metabolism to provide the necessary energy for the development of the baby.

This type of fatigue is easy to identify when the woman begins to feel that the tasks she was doing previously are becoming very exhaustive, reaching the end of the day without energy or needing to sleep more than 10 hours a night to restore the energy she spent.

5. Aversion to strong odors

It is very common that at the beginning of the pregnancy. The woman has an aversion to strong smells, although they are apparently pleasant as perfume. Most pregnant women can even vomit after feeling a strong smell of gasoline, cigarettes or cleaning products, for example.

In addition to this, as the smell is altered, some women may also report that there is a change in the taste of the food, which becomes more intense, producing nausea.

6. Variations of humor

In the first two weeks of pregnancy, the woman may notice some variations of mood, without apparent cause. It is very common for the pregnant woman to cry for situations that would not make her cry before she was pregnant. And this symptom should remain throughout the pregnancy.

This occurs because the strong hormonal alterations, normal of pregnancy, can cause an imbalance in the levels of neurotransmitters, making the mood more unstable.

7. Nausea, vomiting, and salivation

Nausea and vomiting are frequent in the mornings, and these are the most well-known symptoms of pregnancy, they usually appear after the 6th week of gestation and can last throughout pregnancy. The increase in saliva can remain throughout the pregnancy.

8. Cramps, sleep, and headache

symptoms of pregnancyDizziness and sleep at night are symptoms of pregnancy caused by the fall in blood pressure, low blood glucose and poor diet caused mainly by nausea and frequent vomiting. These symptoms appear in the first weeks of pregnancy but tend to decrease after the twentieth week of pregnancy.

A headache is also common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, is usually mild but persistent and often women can not associate this discomfort with pregnancy.

9. Increase in the urge to urinate

With the advance of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman needs to produce several hormones. Such as progesterone, to ensure that the baby develops healthily. When this happens, the muscles of the bladder relax and, therefore, it is more difficult to completely empty the urine that is inside the bladder. So that the woman may feel more desire to go to the bathroom to urinate than before.

10. Pimples and oily skin

symptoms of pregnancyThe hormonal changes can lead to the appearance or worsening of blackheads and pimples. Scientifically called acne, and this is why already in the first weeks of pregnancy. The woman can notice more oiliness of the skin, which can be controlled with the use of cleaning products for the skin and with an adequate personal hygiene.

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