How to have healthy eyes

healthy eyes

Have you noticed that more and more people are walking down the street wearing prescription glasses? It is not a fashion or that medicine has advanced much, but also, we tend not take too much care of our eyes. Find out in this article how to have healthy eyes and avoid not only wearing glasses, but also more serious problems in the future.

Maintain healthy eyes, an obligationhealthy eyes

Of course, everyone can do what they want, with their body and their habits, but at least we must be aware of the dangers of not caring or paying attention to the health of our eyes. Beyond drinking carrot juice for its high content of vitamin A (I remember that my grandfather always told me about the benefits of carrots for sight “or have you seen a rabbit that uses glasses?”, He asked jokingly).

The truth is that,  for your eyes to be healthier, you have to consume more of this vitamin, which prevents and fights several infections, but also helps reduce optic nerve fatigue, something very common nowadays, since we force constantly eyes when facing the computer screen, mobile phone, tablet or television. There is also a list of natural remedies that can help you improve the health of the eyes, one of the most important senses we have.

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Tips to take care of eye health

As a first step, you must know that the eyes are an extension of your nervous system, therefore, you have to feed yourself better, reduce stress and rest enough to keep them healthy. Some tips that can help you are:

  • Consume foods that are rich in minerals such as fruits, seaweed, and vegetables.
  • Keep your eyes oxygenated by exercising or breathing consciously, slowly and deeply.
  • Practice a relaxing activity for nerves such as yoga or tai chi, which help you to contact your deepest self and to calm all the systems.

What are the signs of eye problems?healthy eyes

In addition to having problems to see well and have been prescribed glasses, imbalances at the organic level and in relation to your bad habits or lack of eye care can bring the following consequences:

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They are that mucus that lodge at the edges of the eyes and that appear when we get up from sleep. If you notice that you have too many legañas, perhaps it is due to an excess of toxins or because the body is trying to eliminate the waste in some way or by some means. The solution for this is to carry out a diet of detoxification or purification, which includes not consuming dairy, fried, sausages, sugars or salty foods. You must also eat fresh food and water for healthy eyes.

Eye bags

They may be because you are not getting enough sleep, but also because of bad circulation in the eye area or an unbalanced diet. A technique that does not fail is to sit in a comfortable place and look up without moving your head, just raising your eyes to the ceiling. Close the eyelids several times without moving the eyeball. In this way, the blood will circulate better and the tissues will be invigorated. Do not forget, in turn, to include fresh vegetables and water in your diet for healthy eyes.

Swelling of the eyelidshealthy eyes

Not when you just got up or if you cried (cutting onions, watching a sad movie or a personal problem). When the eyes look very inflamed, it may be due to a malfunction of the kidneys or because you are forcing them too much. Maybe you use a very strong makeup and do not remove it properly. How to solve it? Doing exercise, drinking pineapple juice or orange juice every morning, using softer makeup and sleeping better for healthy eyes.


While there are people who say they “go” for a virus that is in the air, styes are due to an excess of toxins, an unbalanced diet or overfeeding, as well as deficiencies of certain vitamins. Avoid eating salty, sugary, fried or fatty foods. A home remedy to eliminate them is to heat a gold object (like a ring) and apply over the stye several times.

Redness and tearinghealthy eyes

If you have spent many hours in front of the computer, or have been in an environment with pollution or chemicals, if you have not removed the contact lenses all day, if you have not slept enough or if you do not wear the glasses properly, it is likely that your eyes start to redden and cry (without apparent causes). Try to rest your eyes more, close your eyes for two minutes every hour you are in front of a screen, meet the hours stipulated to use contact lenses and humectants as you have indicated, drink more water and try not to be too long sucking irritable substances.

Lack of brightness

Some say they have a “weak look”, which is due to several factors, such as:

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Anemia
  • An illness
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Repressed sadness
  • Too many obligations and concerns

One of the best remedies is to release tensions by exercising, going for a walk, visiting the psychologist or the technique that helps you the most. Do not forget to eat better, rest well at night and stop demanding so much, you and your body.

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