Exercising does not counteract the effects of spending much time sitting: learn to solve


Make exercise regularly is a totally good practice if we want health care for all its aspects and although it represents an antidote to many diseases, not counteract the effects of spending a lot of time sitting.

The effects of spending a lot of time sitting

The sedentary lifestyle is evil today that undoubtedly harms the health of the body, but even if we think that we are not indentations because we train one hour a day, we know that spending too much time sitting pose a risk to the body.

It is known to spend many hours sitting increases the risk of disease from any cause but subs is made or regularly, and a new study confirms that the Sedentary time is responsible for a higher morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease.

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Therefore, train more if we spent many hours sitting continuous does not have a compensatory effect, i.e. does not counteract the negative aspects of sedentary time.

So the key to health care is no longer exercise ourselves, but continue to do so regularly but also reduce the time spent sitting.

How to reduce sedentary time

We have already said that in addition to regular exercise is key to a decrease occurs in the time spent sitting, or at least we cut the same for they are not many hours of continuous which remain in a chair, then walking only two minutes every hour can reduce the consequences of being many hours sitting.

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Thus some strategies we can employ to reduce sedentary time in our lives is…

  • Interrupting the time spent sitting has proven to be of help to lessen the impact of physical inactivity in our body, for example on waist circumference and body weight. Thus, we can stand and walk just a couple of minutes every hour to achieve a cut in the time sitting.
  • Working a few minutes walk or exercise or other activities of home while watching television for example.
  • Employ video games that require activity, so that it is we sit around unfavorably.
  • While using the phone to receive a call, walk or stand.
  • Give up your seat on public transport and travel standing, moving or changing the position from time to time if you make long trips.

In addition to these strategies that can help make a big difference in the time you spent sitting and their impact on health, consider that when you’re sitting correct posture helps lessen the damage of a sedentary lifestyle in our body.

Then, in addition to exercising regularly, put in place to reduce sitting time and thus protect the health, as exercise does not counteract the effects of sendentarism in your body.