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The Gloucestershire countryside and the quintessential, chocolate box cottages you will find there.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the county of Gloucestershire you will have spotted amongst the patchwork quilt of green fields and distant, rolling hills several, quintessential, chocolate box cottages. Some with beautifully woven, thatched rooves and picture-perfect gardens.  These cottages have been part of the countryside, villages, and landscape around the Gloucestershire area for hundreds of years.  They are part and parcel of the countryside and draw tourists and visitors from miles around and overseas to witness their beauty and spend time painting or drawing them.

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These stunning cottages are often surrounded by secure, yet discreet Fencing Cheltenham built to the highest specification by a company such as  The cottages can be built from Cotswold stone or yellow stock brick, with traditional brick chimney pots topped with a terracotta pot. If the roof isn’t made of thatch, it will probably be a slated, hipped style and the cottage will often be two storeys high. Sometimes covered in ivy or wisteria, they really do look like they have been built by fairies and crafted by angels. They are so beautiful.

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These cottages and their country style gardens of wild and traditional flowers can be found dotted all around Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, keep an eye out for them as you travel around the area and dream that maybe one day you might well live in a cottage like these.

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