Why you need to monitor your website

Your website is your lifeline in a world of online information and knowledge and an economy increasingly reliant on digital operations. It’s not enough anymore to simply have a website, you need to monitor, develop and adapt. Google is king when it comes to whether your site is a success or not and will penalise those sites that constitute a poor user experience. So, why should we be monitoring our websites?

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Huge amounts of sales are lost due to websites being down. This leads to not only a loss of revenue but also a loss of credibility and trust for your visitors. If your business relies heavily on online transactions then you could be losing thousands if your site experiences several hours of downtime per month. A service that consistently monitors your uptime is therefore very important. For help with Web Design Glasgow, go to www.design-hero.com/web-design/local-web-agency/glasgow/


You can’t underestimate the power of brand image. A good image is essential for success and this positive branding needs to be protected. Customer experience and satisfaction are key so if your site is often down, if it’s not safe, has broken links or hasn’t been updated in an age then your reputation and trust levels will suffer. If visitors cannot easily find information or conversely, are bombarded by too much information then they won’t stick around.

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Google’s latest algorithms focus on the content quality of your website and if there are gaps in your content, you could be penalised. Here are some areas where you could be going wrong –  duplicate content internally so Google doesn’t know which page to rank for. You’ll be judged as having low quality content and your site’s rank will be negatively affected.