Desirable Bookkeeper Qualities

When you need a bookkeeper for your business, you might be wondering what sort of skills they require to do this job effectively. Here are some of the most important skills to possess as a bookkeeper:

Good with numbers – Yes, it makes sense that someone working with numbers all day should be comfortable with them. They don’t need to be a maths whizz, but should be confident with the basics of multiplication, addition and subtraction, for example.

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Technology – A bookkeeper should be comfortable using a range of software packages to complete their work. Data entry is a big part of the job in order to accurately create financial records, therefore a good working knowledge of spreadsheets and bookkeeping applications is desirable.

Attention to detail – Bookkeeping is all about recording accurate data and is a very detail oriented profession. Therefore, those with attention to detail are required for this type of work. For more information on Bookkeepers Braintree, contact a site like

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Problem solving – The ability to spot and rectify errors, as well as resolve issues is another important element of this type of work. Discrepancies and unrecognised transactions will need to be solved in order to keep the business compliant.

Customer service – It’s not all about numbers and data, as bookkeepers will need to have good communication skills to understand and assist their customers. Self-employed bookkeepers will also need to think about marketing their services and attracting new customers.