Four Useful and Versatile Degrees

For those who are looking to enrol in a college program, or for those looking to change careers, job stability in the future is always a big consideration.  Doing what you love is the biggest pull for most, but you should also consider where your strongest skills lie, and what will offer you the most opportunities.  Going to school without knowing for sure what you want to do for a career is fine, but make sure you’re not going for an architecture degree if maths frustrates you, when that will leave you pigeon-holed into a career you don’t want to do.  Options such as criminal justice or an online business degree offer flexibility that other educational paths won’t.  Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re looking for the most career options with your degree.

1. Computer Science

In our technology-driven world, a degree in computer science can open up many doors.  Large companies are always in need of software engineers, network specialists, systems administrators, and other positions.  With computers being used for every aspect of business these days, all large companies these days have a pressing need for a technology team that can make sure their systems are always up and running.

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2. Psychology

Whether you’re interested in medicine or just helping others, psychology is a great field, and a degree in it can offer you plenty of options.  If you don’t want to work in health care, school counselling, or education, there are also many options available in business to those who have a psychology degree.  Marketing and advertising, public relations, and human resources have a high demand for those who understand human nature and interactions.

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3. Accounting

If you’re good with numbers, accounting is a great option for stable job prospects in the future with a company such as this Stroud accountants Other than careers in the finance or banking industries, this degree could also open doors in many corporate positions.  The skills you will learn to gather, interpret, record, and track data can also be applied to many other fields if you decide that regular accounting isn’t for you.

4. Business Administration

This is one of the most useful and versatile degrees that can be obtained.  With a degree in business, you’ll learn how to effectively navigate endless situations that come up in the business world, making you ready for nearly any corporate job.  If you need a flexible schedule, you can earn an online business degree without having to go to a classroom.  If you want to work in a corporate environment, a business degree is the most versatile degree you can get