Event planning v event management: the differences

Often, the terms ‘event planning’ and ‘event management’ are thought to be interchangeable, but there are key differences between them. Whether you are organising a physical or virtual event for your business, understanding these differences is essential to help any event run smoothly.

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So, what are the differences between event planning and event management?

Event Planning

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary,, event planning is the process of working out the intricate details of an event. This includes the tasks that the organiser needs to accomplish to make the event successful, such as setting a date and itinerary, booking guest speakers, and crafting marketing materials to advertise on different platforms.

An event planner may also organise the catering, décor and any other elements involved, while ensuring the event stays on budget.

Event Management

Event management can be considered an aspect of event planning. It refers to the management of an event while it is in progress, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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A corporate event management team will make sure that each element runs to its scheduled timeline and that the facilities are up to scratch throughout the day. They will also deal with any unexpected issues that occur during the event, and more. They are the key players that help an event go to plan.

Event management specialists such as https://www.parallelblue.co.uk/corporate-event-management/ can provide more information on the different services that a corporate event management team offers.

Event Planning and Management Combine for Success

Organising an event requires both planning and execution. Although event planning and management have different roles, both are essential in making it a success, for a business and also for its guests. Don’t forget to ask your guests for feedback after your event so that you can help make your next one even better.