In 2018 you can enjoy cleaner air with the BMW i8 roadster

2018 Taking advantage of the hybrid sport of the German mark will receive a slight facelift, it has confirmed the emergence of a BMW convertible i8. Information of Harald Krueger, BMW CEO, who said that throughout 2018 would be ready for sale definite model and would be presented at the end of 2017, more or less when they make public the facelift of the i8.

BMW i8
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Part of the solutions to remove the roof of the BMW i8 will inherit the BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept and friendly is the car (autonomous) of the future presented in January this year, and would also adopt the new improved heat engine that would exceed the 131 hp BMW i8 already tested, producing a total of approximately 420 hp compared with 362 the current model.

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Does not have a defined name, i8 Spyder perhaps, but its technology section clearly exceed that of the i8 we know so far with a new interface, a more complete infotainment system and control via gesture recognition capability. Autonomy would also be increased through more efficient technology in the battery pack.

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As for the price, it will not be cheap. The portfolio model costs nearly 130,000 dollars, a price that would be exceeded knowing that there will be few improvements including when the next generation arrives in 2018 with its version open. For more reviews visit