What are the Bountiful benefits of Living in a Bungalow?

The most obvious benefit to living in a bungalow is the lack of stairs to climb!  As we get older and our knees and hips get stiffer the ability to climb stairs gets harder and harder.  Living in a single storey property alleviates the need to continue to climb stairs so making our lives easier.  Even if you don’t have an actual on-suite in your home having the bathroom right next door to your bedroom, close to your living room, dining room and kitchen certainly resolves any issues of getting there quickly and safely.

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Comfort, adaptability, care and peace are four of the benefits of living in a bungalow and just like living in a Notaro Care Home Taunton you can live the remainder of your life there. If you are confined to a wheelchair then a specially adapted bungalow could be the answer to you remaining independent in your own home.  With entry ramps, low level kitchen units, wet rooms, ceiling hoists and of course being all one level, an adapted bungalow could be for you.

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Of course, you don’t have to be elderly or disabled to benefit from living in a bungalow, many young families are now opting to buy a one storey property to raise their children in. No stairs for a toddler to climb or fall down, open plan living makes it easier to keep an eye on your children, so living in a bungalow really is suitable for any age group.


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