Four Tips to Making Your Mom Feel Special from Hundreds of Miles Away

What are you going to give the woman that raised you into the amazing person you are? Mother’s Day is an impending holiday; one that always seems to be right around the corner, but you don’t need a special holiday or a reason to celebrate your mom. In fact, the best, most special shows of love and affection come when someone least expects them.

However, if you live thousands of miles away, or even a few counties over, it can be difficult to surprise your mom in person. Working out schedules for a mutual visit might be a challenge. So, to celebrate the appreciation and adoration you have for your mom, here are a few ways to make her feel special—regardless of when or how far away.

Show Up for a Surprise Visit

Regardless of the aforementioned schedule restraints, there’s nothing better to a mother than getting to see her children when they live so far away. So, instead of ensuring your schedules coincide, make a surprise visit. Plan to be there when she gets home from work. Or schedule your visit with other loved ones to ensure you can surprise her without her knowing about it.

Meet Her Somewhere Special (i.e. Plane Tickets, Bus Fare, etc.)

When schedules allow, plan a nice trip that you and your mom can take together. Invest in the resources, like bus fare or plane tickets, in a destination where you can both spend time in each other’s company. Have a few delicious meals, some amazing conversations, and maybe relax on a beach for a few hours. Create new vacation-esque memories with mom.

Go Sentimental with Memories in Special Ways

Memories can be anything—from a trinket that makes you think of special times gone by, to photographs from yesteryear. Do something special and sentimental with these memories. For instance, if you have a memory saved in a beautiful family picture, frame it for mom.

Gift Her with Something Practical (yes, from very far away)

Practical things might be a gift basket of goodies that she can munch on during her relaxation days. Or an appliance that she wants to make Sunday dinner an easier task. Or simply send her a box of pastries Schaumburg because those sweet treats are practical in that they’re indulgent and delicious.

Get online, find something practical that speaks volumes about what she loves to do, and send it to her speedy-quick with a few extra bucks for postage.