Enjoy a visit to one of many historical Castles

A man’s home is his Castle, or so the old saying goes.  The splendour, architecture, historical importance and grounds of a Castle provide great places to visit for a day.  Situated in the beautiful Forest of Dean and built in the 12th century is the moated, Norman, St Briavels Castle.  This is an example of what was an important royal structure but that has now been cleverly turned into a youth hostel. To keep the hostel, warm and safe the heating system is serviced regularly and companies such as http://www.combi-man.com/  can provide Cheltenham Boiler Repair. Visit the ancient fortress and Berkeley family home that is the magnificent Berkeley Castle.  Also completed in the 12th Century (and still lived in) it has witnessed many dramatic, historical events, such as the execution of Edward 11.

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Situated near Winchcombe in stunning grounds offering incredible views of the Cotswold hills is the majestic Sudeley Castle.  With it’s grisly claim of being the only private Castle to have a Queen buried in its grounds, King henry the V111’s widow Katherine Parr.

Dating far back to The Norman period, the Castle in Chepstow is set high on limestone cliffs and with its vantage point overlooking the River Wye offers the visitor a breath-taking view of the surrounding area.

One of the most well preserved and finest Castle ruins across the Country and steeped in history is Goodrich Castle.  Take part in a whole host of visitor activities during your day here and then enjoy tea and cake in the cosy tearoom.