Why is it important to skip the diet once a week?

skip the diet

Avoid the rules and cheating is one of the things we attract humans, perhaps because of that, he has invented the “day cheat” when dieting and today we tell you why it is important to skip the diet once a week.

Day or cheat meal in through diet

In most weight loss plans, you are allowed one day a week, choosing what to eat even if it is outside the rules of the diet.

Yes, usually only talk about one meal, one day a week, i.e. skip the diet once in seven days and power at that time, savor the snack you most want us although this result pump calories.

skip the diet
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To “liberate” the rules established in our diet, has been created that trap food or day “allowed” where we can choose a bite to our satisfaction no matter what.

However, is it good to skip the diet once a week?

Trap food and effects on our body

It is clear that those who lead a diet for specific purposes often have temptations and “desire” to avoid those foods therein, and the day trap intended to reduce these effects by allowing us to eat once a week what we most want.

Psychologically we can jump on the diet represents a stimulus to continue our efforts , because we liberated from the rules and regulations for a few hours and relieves us then continue with the diet.

Also, the food we choose will certainly give us pleasure and it produces emotional benefits become more sustainable our diet.

But beyond the psychological effects, skip a day diet involves giving an extra load of calories our body so it does not continue saving mode, but rather, continue with a good metabolic rate. That is, it is a good resource to increase metabolism, which can be reduced to a restrictive diet, as it has concluded a study published in JAMA.

In fact, scientists at the University of California have found that calorie restriction reduces substances in the body that generate more hunger and less satiety, so eat more once a week means breaking with that effect of diet and so, benefit thinning.

Among these substances is the leptin not only regulates appetite but the caloric expenditure, fat burning and levels of other hormones.

In addition, hormones that stimulate hunger and appetite, such as ghrelin, increase in limited diets, so, skip the diet once a week prevents this substance generates in us a ravenous hunger that hinders us diet.

For all these reasons, free from the diet once a week can lead to many benefits for our body and be a positive injection for weight loss over time.

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Day trap yes, but …

While we have shown that skipping the diet once a week has many positive effects on our body and may even encourage our food process, the reality is that we have some aspects in mind.

Eat whatever we want once a week does not mean give us a binge eating candy or spend a whole pie, but for the food trap work and really favors a change of habits, it is important to choose a dish we feel like much, but this is super caloric, and consume calmly without excess.

For binge eating junk food once a week may be worse than we think, therefore, nothing better to savor the food or dish that we have chosen but without falling into a quick intake, without enjoyment and high volume .

Only in this way we can enjoy the benefits of skipping the diet once a week.