The most emotional anime series you can watch on Netflix

emotional anime series

Japanese animators are specialists in creating stories that can get us more than a tear. If you like, these types of stories, today we review some of the most emotional anime series that we can find in the Netflix catalog.

Netflix is betting very heavily on its anime content. Proof of this is that the video on demand platform has brought to its catalog series of the caliber of Inuyasha or Naruto, and mythical series such as Sakura Card Hunter.

This Netflix bet on anime pleases us, and it is leaving us some jewels in its catalog not suitable for the heart, but which delight those who love emotional anime, type Clannad or, in general, the works of Key. Today, at Hobbyconsolas, we review some of the most emotional anime series you can find on Netflix. Prepare the kokoro, we start.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

We started our list of the most emotional anime series that you can find on Netflix with one of the assets of scarf manufacturers around the world. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae or Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai) is an 11-episode series produced by A-1 Pictures.

AnoHana puts us in the shoes of Jinta Yadomi and her group of friends, who, over the years, and a tragedy that they lived in childhood, have grown apart, until “Memma”, a mutual friend from her childhood, reappears by surprise revolutionizing their worlds. That if, go with the lacrimal loaded for the final chapter.

March Comes In Like a Lion

We now turn to March Comes In Like a Lion (Sangatsu no Lion), an emotional anime series that we can find in the Netflix catalog with two seasons that will revolve around the character of Rei Kiriyama and her acquaintances and family.

Rei is a prodigious player in Shōgi, Japanese chess. However, he is a sad person who will see how three sisters help him overcome his emotional barriers. It is a very interesting proposal, although it is true that March Comes In Like a Lion can make you a little heavy in some chapters if you are not used to this type of anime.


We arrived at Toradora! , a classic in the lists of emotional anime that we can now find on Netflix. Based on Takemiya Yuyuko’s light novels, Toradora! Is an anime series made by the JC Staff team.

Centered on Ryūji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, Toradora! You will see how these two high school students get into constant trouble while discovering their feelings and being disappointed. With a considerable dose of humor, Toradora! It becomes pleasant to see, although several of its chapters contain an important emotional charge, so you must have the handkerchiefs at hand.

The piano forest

Lovers of classical music and the venerable instrument that is the piano, you will be in your salsa with this anime series from Netflix with a good emotional charge. The piano forest (Piano No Mori) reviews the childhood and adolescence of Kai Ichinose, a prodigy of the piano.

Despite being one of the emotional anime, we can find on Netflix, The Forest of the Piano reaches a point where it focuses excessively on a musical competition and on technicalities that can escape those who do not control music. However, it is an entertaining series and that music lovers will touch the little heart.

Angel Beats!

One of the essentials in the repertoire of anyone who enjoys emotional anime is Angel Beats!, the adaptation of Key’s eponymous visual novel that will surround us with its soundtrack to points that we do not yet understand.

Angel Beats! He sends us headlong into a boarding school “purgatory” where a group of students forms a “disobedient” resistance to confront the “Angel”, the president of the student council Kanade Tachibana. Naturally, this is only a premise, but we recommend you see Angel Beats! For its good doses of humor, action and naturally, its moments of touching the fiber.

Steins; Gate

Our time travel ration comes within the list of emotional anime series that we can find on Netflix. Steins; Gate adapts the visual novel that was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. A “crazy” scientist discovers a way to communicate with the past and finally travel through time . Of course, many times you face such emotional situations on these trips that you have to drop the tear at some point.

Violet Evergarden

We come to one of the best emotional anime that we can find on Netflix. Violet Evergarden adapts the eponymous light novels by Kyoto Animation, which gave anime an exquisite visual section.

With a touch of fair steampunk, Violet Evergarden puts us in the shoes of the character of the same name, a soldier maiden who lost her commander in the war when he declared himself. Violet begins working at a postal company as a Doll of Automatic Memories, and dedicates herself to writing letters to others in a country trying to recover from the war. Take a look at our review of Violet Evergarden, where we already made it clear that more than one tear is going to escape you.

So far we come with our list of the most emotional anime series on Netflix. Remember that if you find any in the catalog that we have been overlooked, you can indicate it in the comments section.

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