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Virtual Assistant | Work as a Virtual Assistant from home

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the simplest options for working from home. This type of employment that has emerged thanks to the internet and there is a growing demand for virtual assistants. Do you want to know more how to work as a virtual assistant from home? Below we give you all the keys to access this type of employment.

Virtual assistants are qualified professionals who provide administrative services to companies. These professionals work from home or anywhere else (coworking, cafeteria …). Continue reading “Virtual Assistant | Work as a Virtual Assistant from home”

future jobs

These are the jobs that will be most demanded in the future

A Linkedin study offers a list of the most developed works in recent years. Those related to machine learning and data science are among the jobs that grew the most and are the most valued.

There are already many voices that speak of the fact that in the future many of the works that we now know will be made by machines and robots. But although the technological revolution is carrying out a more routine and physical automation of work that is undeniable, this is also leading to new needs that did not exist before. Continue reading “These are the jobs that will be most demanded in the future”

wage discrimination by gender

There is no wage discrimination by gender, the problem is another

It is undeniable, all statistics show, that there is a notable wage gap between men and women. For example, it is estimated that women charge 20% less than men, even with a higher level of training.

This devastating statistic leads many to think that there is wage discrimination by gender, but it is not so (or at least not beyond isolated cases). The truth is that if it were so the solution would be very easy, since to identify those who skip the law and to fine them would be enough to solve the problem, but the reality (always stubborn) is more complex. Continue reading “There is no wage discrimination by gender, the problem is another”


Advantages of being authentic at work

If we take a look around us, we see that the behaviors, the way of dressing, even the way of speaking each time is more homogeneous.

Authenticity and originality seem to have gone out of style. Says the philosopher Ralph W. Emerson: “Being yourself in a world that constantly tries to transform you into something different is the greatest achievement.” Are you authentic in the workplace? Continue reading “Advantages of being authentic at work”


Tips on time management for career women

Lack of time, stress, hectic, inability to pull the plug: Sometimes the work seems to fully absorb our days, giving the impression of not having accomplished nothing of what we should have.

It is a common condition that often arises from the lack of organization, or by a capacity of the time incomplete or rough handling.

However, with regard to women’s careers in the grounds and can be further connected to an unequal division of leisure and work, still strongly linked to the traditional concept of gender and roles (especially as regards the family level).

For a single woman’s speech on time management it is essentially linked to the need to emerge and overcome prejudice or distorted visions, coming to the point of exhausting all energy and no longer be able to achieve its goals; for a married woman, maybe with children, everything we add the burdens of family life that often eats exclusively on her shoulders. In both cases, stress, anxiety and quickly pile up, giving only result of losing a lot of time, never recharge and thereby making below it means. Continue reading “Tips on time management for career women”

Jobs and Careers

11 jobs you will love if you dream of traveling all the time

Almost all of us love to travel. Planning a vacation, pack a bag and go to a desirable destination. But there are some people for whom traveling is more. A dream, a lifestyle, a daily necessity: to carry a backpack and travel the world. For those who feel identified with the definition and dream of making your life from one place to another, we have selected 11 professions that can come true. Continue reading “11 jobs you will love if you dream of traveling all the time”

How to change your bad habits

Each of us has a bad habit that is an obstacle to the development of our career.

You can question a few weak interpersonal skills, a tendency to procrastinate, limited technical skill, etc., ultimately, restrictions that limit our professional projection.

These limitations usually correspond to bad habits that cost let go but can be overcome with minor changes. Continue reading “How to change your bad habits”

How to make better decisions and faster

The overload of decision-making is a very common experience among area managers and managers in general.

However, you can process the different options in a way more efficient and achieve better results by using something as simple as a checklist. Continue reading “How to make better decisions and faster”

Do your peers earn more than you?

As a rule in business is saved the confidentiality regarding the remuneration of employees and collaborators.

However, sometimes the system fails or simply talks between companions the issue arises and rewards are known about and others.

If this is the case you get to know the rest of emoluments and discover that your colleagues are higher than yours, then, remunerations how would you act? Continue reading “Do your peers earn more than you?”

risk of being replaced by a robot

How much do I charge by the hour not to be at risk of being replaced by a robot?

Industrial robots, dispatchers and even surgeons. Progress in this field makes that more and more tasks that can be performed by robots and almost without the human touch in the process, speaking both mechanical robots and bots at the software level, and that opens a dangerous melon: the of no need for jobs. Especially if you know what a company financially compensated.

As expected, there are studies that seek to estimate how it will affect the expansion of robotics and autonomous systems in general, one of them the performing and the University of Oxford in 2013. A study whose conclusions are supported with which he has taken recently the Council of Economic Advisors of America (CEA), in which report reaches estimate which occupations are more likely to be automated according to the hourly wage. While you calculate how many dollars, you produce when we tell you what they have estimated. Continue reading “How much do I charge by the hour not to be at risk of being replaced by a robot?”