Met Police Body-worn Cameras Supported by BT

BT has won a £100 million contract to deliver a new high-speed network for the Met Police, including the world’s largest deployment of body worn cameras for officers. The new technologies will help with faster responses to emergency calls and allow officers to be deployed more rapidly.

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Getting Connected

BT has been chosen to deliver the new high-speed wireless and fixed networks along with IT and cloud services. The technology transformation is designed so frontline police officers can work more quickly and efficiently, in the hope it will help them in their fight against crime across the capital.

BT will be working closely with the Met to transform the way that both 999 and 101 calls are directed and answered in the call centres. This includes managing a cloud-based voice system to support about 20,000 IP-enabled phones in all 500 Met Police sites. The contract also means an overhaul of the police service’s IT systems for staff scheduling and rostering. This will allow for better management of staff and the ability to deploy officers where they are needed the most.

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Camera Control

BT will be providing the largest roll-out of body worn cameras in the world. It will do this by supporting the upload of data from the 22,000 devices and setting up a corporate wi-fi system across the Met, to support both officers and more than 20,000 civilian staff in more than 170 offices.

A body worn camera allows police to record any interactions with members of the public and also gather video evidence. It allows for greater accountability for both officers and the people they deal with. You can find out about body worn camera equipment at a company such as

More than 22,000 frontline Met Police officers will be issued with the body worn video cameras following a successful trial and public consultation period. The cameras will be used in all 32 boroughs, as well as being given to specialist officers such as firearms officers. A Met Police report says the cameras have already demonstrated that they can help to bring quicker justice for victims of crimes. Footage is automatically uploaded to secure servers and flagged as evidence for court hearings or other proceedings. Any video which is not being used as evidence or other police purposes is automatically deleted within 31 days.

How to Manage Cold Hardwood Floors in Winter

Hardwood floors are beautiful to look at, easy to clean and very hard-working. They will last for generations if treated right. However, although they are lovely and warm for most of the year, it is important to manage them well during the cold wintry days to make sure you are not walking across cold floors. The aim is to keep the floor as warm as possible but without adversely affecting the beautiful wood.

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Cover It Up

For an easy solution, you can put down rugs in the winter to warm up the room. These are great as they can be used in different areas such as the living room or hallway. Rugs can also add a dash of colour to brighten your home during the grey days of winter. Another way to get rid of cold flooring is to draught-proof the wood with a sealant. This can be time-consuming but it will pay off. Your real wood flooring will be much warmer, and you will save money on your energy bills too.

Energy-Efficient Underfloor Heating

Before you install your real wood flooring, you could consider investing in underfloor heating. This will be a real treat for your feet with no more cold floors underneath them. It is also an energy-efficient way of keeping your house warm. You need to check it is compatible with hardwood, though.

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Other Ways to Keep the Floor Warm

Hardwood flooring will continue to appeal for so many reasons, and it is worth finding ways to deal with the floor during any cold spells. If hardwood appeals to you, you can see different styles and wood types at Whilst getting your floor ready for winter, it is worth checking the rooms to make sure the cold air isn’t getting in by other means. Check your windows and doors for draughts, and use heavier curtains to keep the room warm.

Finally, put mats at the entrance to your front and back doors for people to wipe their feet on. This will get rid of any grit or dirt as well as any snow or rain. You don’t want your lovely floor to get damp at this time. It might be as well to ask people to take off their shoes by the door and supply them with warm slippers to wear instead.


We offer you a selection of headphones to listen to music wireless from anywhere in the house

The good weather arrives, it is certain that in more than a moment you want to go out on the balcony or the terrace of the house and listen to music while letting the sun be with you. A paradisiacal scene that breaks when you move and you have to deal with the cable of the headphones that you use.

And is that a very good option is to make us with a wireless headset. The lack of cables thanks to connectivity is a plus and in fact, we have already seen alternatives of earphones in ear to be able to use without almost noticing that we carry them. On this occasion, we opted for heavier models but also more comfortable to wear that can be interesting to spend leisure time in the months to come while listening to our favorite music. Continue reading “We offer you a selection of headphones to listen to music wireless from anywhere in the house”

What is the Queen’s favourite TV show?

We all have our favourites when it comes to TV programmes because they are comforting and familiar to us. We also love to know what other people watch and what it says about them. What the queen likes to watch is certainly something that has us all interested.

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How do we know about her viewing habits? Our information comes from palace insiders. Whatever they are, we can assume that she has at least has had an aerial installed for her, such as Worcester TV aerial installation. Perhaps she has only freeview, or does she have an extensive satellite/cable package?

A Pointless Fan?

Press gossip offers us clues about what the queen likes to watch. Alexander Armstrong of Pointless has claimed that a palace insider revealed she is a fan of his quiz show. Perhaps she enjoys answering the questions on the British monarchy and the history of the British Isles. If it is true, she watches it with an average of 4 million people every night. Remember that as you watch it next time!

Others have claimed that she enjoys Downton Abbey and enjoys looking out for the historical inaccuracies. The Queen apparently enjoys spotting 21st-century objects. There are references to the royals throughout this historical drama. She has stayed in Highclere Castle where Downton is set and probably enjoys the familiarity of the setting.

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During a visit to Ireland in 2011, the Queen mentioned that she watches the X-Factor and has it recorded to watch later if she is busy with a royal engagement. She clearly needs the technology in place to keep up with her favourite shows and would probably need to employ a contractor to set this up like the ones at so she does not miss her favourite shows.

Her Favourites

The Queen enjoys programmes you would expect her to watch, such as Dad’s Army. This is not surprising because of her well known Blitz spirit; a home guard battalion was stationed at Windsor Palace during the war when she was living there. It is said that she also enjoys Last of the Summer Wine, another quintessentially British comforting comedy. It is claimed that she enjoys crime dramas such as Midsomer Murders, Morse and Poirot. She is also said to be fond of Countdown of an Evening.

healthy and lasting relationship

Ten rules for a healthy and lasting relationship

Time passes, but not the love. Here are the ingredients needed to make stronger the couple’s relationship.

Fear of time passing? The real couple’s therapy rests on the ability to accept and encourage! Our growth and partners without fear of changes. Discover the handbook that helps you make healthier the relationship with your own. Continue reading “Ten rules for a healthy and lasting relationship”

10 more of the best female football players

Women’s football has had a relatively shaky start, compared with its male counterpart. In England, it was even banned by the FA for 50 years because it was deemed unsuitable for the female physique.

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More recently, women’s football has been gathering momentum internationally with UEFA staging its first Women’s competition in 1984.

The first official Women’s World Cup came in 1991, with the sport becoming an Olympic event in 1996.

Women’s football has become more and more popular with the proliferation of women’s football clubs, coaching, and women’s Football team kit suppliers like Of course, it has produced some inspirational players, ten more of which are listed below.

1 Silke Rottenberg

Goalkeeper for Germany 125 times, Rottenberg underpinned the defence while her team went on to dominate internationally.

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2 Joy Fawcett

Joy’s solid defence ensured the team gained two World Cup Championships and two gold medals between 1991 and 2004.

3. Sissi

Joining the Brazilian side at just 16, midfielder Sisleide do Amor Lima jointly won the Golden Boot in the Women’s World Cup in 1999, where Brazil came third.

4 Hege Riise

One of Norway’s best players, Riise played on boys’ teams from the age of 6 – 14. As an international, she scored 58 goals in 188 matches before she retired in 2004.

5 Christine Sinclair

This formidable forward from Canada scored a hat-trick during the 4-3 defeat to the USA at the 2012 Olympics.

6 Kelly Smith

A forward for England, Kelly’s 20-year career spanned 1995-2005. She played for Arsenal Ladies, England and for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

7 Lily Parr

An English forward of a different generation, Lily Parr was a pioneer of early Women’s football, with its rise and fall attributed to World War I.

8 Homare Sawa

Sawa helped Japan win the Women’s World Cup in 2011. Named FIFA world player of the year, she also took home both the Golden Ball and Golden Boot.

9 Marta

Marta Vieira da Silva is Brazil’s female answer to Pele. Golden Boot winner and five-times FIFA world player of the year, she is currently at the height of her career.

10 Sun Wen

A forward for China, Wen delivered her goals in style. A Golden Boot and Golden Ball winner, she was a dependable member of her team.


It Makes Sense To Have A Website?

The year is 2017 and the scenario is not the most reassuring. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America, the organic lobby to the cry of the gluten-free has declared war against everything that contains palm oil. It is also sadly closes every glimmer of historical rehabilitation of the mullet. The voice runs for some time in the corridors of the agencies that sell online glory and dreams of those who have built their careers trying to put the websites not under if the bugs in check Internet Explorer: fare too well.

Those who work in symbiosis with the network knows, everything runs faster and obsolescence is around the corner. MySpace also became a place of great cool Dante populated almost exclusively by hordes of musicians who wandered in search of gullible listeners by stress to place your own playlist metalcore. Each historical period has its ill for sacrifice on the altar of progress and this time it seems that the patient is dying just the website. Maybe it will be a matter of a few years to attend his complete extinction. Continue reading “It Makes Sense To Have A Website?”


Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC +: A big SUV Coupe variant that inherits features of the Mercedes-AMG GT

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC joins the GLC family signed by Mercedes-AMG that led to the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupé last September. The GLC 63 variant will be presented at the New York Motor Show, which takes place between 14 and 23 April, with double format: Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC + and Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC + Coupé, both with S versions.

All will use the V8 biturbo engine that other Mercedes-AMG models, such as the AMG GT , as well as the fast nine-ratio SPEEDSHIFT MCT gearbox or the AMG Performance 4MATIC + variable all-wheel drive system we knew from the Mercedes-AMG Class E. Continue reading “Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC +: A big SUV Coupe variant that inherits features of the Mercedes-AMG GT”

How to tell your partner that you have an STD

One of the most important first steps to take if you have an STI is to tell any sexual partners, past or present. It is essential they know, as their health or future fertility could also be at risk. If the STI is curable, both partners must be treated in order to prevent reinfection.

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A New Partner

It can be awkward telling a new partner you have an STI. However, if the roles were reversed, you would expect to be informed. It is best to honest and direct. Let the conversation proceed naturally, and be prepared to listen to your partner if they have questions or concerns. They may need some time to think about things. It is important not to rush this process. Telling a new partner about an STI is a brave thing to do but is the right thing, and they will respect you for being honest and caring enough to broach such a difficult topic.

In any case, for those just starting a new relationship it is a good idea for both partners to go for a full sexual health check.

A Current Partner

If you are in a relationship and find out you have an STI, it can be an emotionally difficult and confusing time. Bear in mind that it doesn’t automatically mean one of you has been unfaithful, as some STIs can take several weeks, months or even years before they show up.

It is vital you both get any necessary medical care straight away. Take some time to talk to each other, and above all be honest. Follow the advice of your health clinic or doctor and take any medication exactly as described.

Previous Partners

If, once diagnosed, you feel you may have been infected for some time, it is vital to make previous sexual partners aware of the situation. Again, this is not an easy task but it is an important one.

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Getting Tested

For those living in London STI testing kits are available from and other sexual health sites like

Sometimes people can have an STI and feel perfectly fine, with no signs or symptoms. This can cause problems in the long term, as STIs rarely go away on their own. It is recommended therefore that individuals who are, or have previously been, sexually active should be tested for STIs regularly.