Your Guide to Maintaining a Successful and Healthy Allotment

An allotment is a wonderfully rewarding way to spend your spare time, growing your own food or plants for decoration. Allotments have seen something of a resurgence in recent years, so if you’re lucky enough to have access to one, read on for our tips on how to make the most of it.

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What Is an Allotment?

Simply put, an allotment is a small plot of land you can rent, generally from the council, where utilities such as water are shared. Many people use the land to grow fruit and vegetables, though you are free to grow whatever you like. Some people put sheds or even a greenhouse on their plot, and you can even home animals like sheep or chickens on some. Check with your council about their rules.

Environmental Impact

Using an allotment is a positive step for the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint significantly, as your air miles are non-existent, and there is no packaging at all.

What to Grow

Fruit can be a crop for the long game. Fruit trees take a long time to mature to enough to yield a decent crop, so it is worth buying a tree rather than planting seeds. Once your tree is mature, take cuttings for free.

Vegetables grow much more quickly and, depending on what seeds you plant, you can expect to have food to eat in as little as a few weeks. Be prepared to invest around £40 in seeds, knowing they will last you some years.

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Tools You’ll Need

Water is provided, but a watering can will help you transport it. You’ll need gloves to protect your hands and also canes and string to train your plants, pots and compost for planting seedlings, and then chicken wire or nets to protect your shoots. A good selection of gardening books can be both useful and informative when it comes to tips and ideas.

Get the most from the ground with a land remediation service from and watch your plants and vegetables grow.

Saga talks about the benefits of gardening to your health, so if you don’t have a garden, look into getting yourself an allotment.

Once you get the gardening bug, there are few things as rewarding as being able to eat food you have grown yourself.

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