Three stunning wedding hairstyles for shorter hair

Following the choice of a wedding dress, the second most important decision a bride has to make is which hairstyle to select. Every bride will want to look stylish and beautiful on their wedding day, of course, and there are many stunning bridal styles from which to choose regardless of whether you have short or long hair. A Gloucester Hairdressers such as will be able to create a stunning style with hair of any length ready for your big day.

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To make the most of your short hair, you do not have to use a lot of styling products or go for a really complicated style. According to Madeleine Somerville, there is much to be said for understated elegance, so why not keep it simple and allow the joy of your wedding day speak for itself? Short hair also invites the use of embellishments, such as clips, tiaras and combs, which can complement the theme of your wedding.

A bun hairstyle

If your hair has enough length, one of the most impressive wedding hair styles is a bun. This does not have to look old fashioned or regimented; for example, a messy bun adorned with flowers or pearls can look absolutely stunning. Wear your bun at the side, back or on top of your head − whichever feels most natural and suits you best.

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A short pixie hairstyle

If your normal hairstyle is a short pixie look, you can easily add a few touches to make it special enough for your wedding day. Shorter hair is easier to care for without the need for brushing, which can cause damage. An article in the Daily Mail explains that over-brushing can be bad for your hair because it can remove some of the outer cell layer, weakening and damaging it and even pulling the hair out. Pixie styles cry out for the addition of an elegant tiara. If you really want to make a statement, try colouring the tips of the hair around your face to tone with your flowers and decor.

A short curly hairstyle

Curls and twists add a romantic look to hair of any length, with short curly styles increasingly popular because they are so adaptable.

Choosing one of these styles will ensure you look stunning on your special day.