5 more ways to make your roof last longer

Taking care of your roof means dealing with issues as soon as they arise so they don’t get out of hand. Minor maintenance is definitely preferable to flooded guttering or a cracked roof where water floods in. Here are five more ideas that can help keep the roof over your head in good condition for many years to come.

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Chimney repairs

A crumbling chimney means the mortar holding the bricks together needs attention. If the chimney collapses, this is bad news for the rest of roof. It is said that water damages chimneys more than fire does, so take care of any leaks.

Branch issues

Branches that are projecting onto your roof allow all kinds of creatures access to it. They can also cause damage and harbour moisture, and any material they shed goes straight into gutters or other crevices. For tips on pruning trees, see this report from The Guardian.

Flashing rust

Flashing made from iron can start to rust. It is important to remove the rust and seal the surface again to prevent more rust forming.

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Shingle action

If your roof is covered with shingles, they may blister due to damp; this is sometimes caused by inadequate ventilation. They will need to be replaced to prevent further damage. Avoid extremes of temperature when doing this for best results.

Ice build-up

When it is particularly cold, clumps of ice may solidify on the roof, which can cause damage and block downspouts and gutters. You can break up the clumps, being careful not to penetrate the roof, or use calcium chloride to break up the chunks of ice safely.

You may be aware of the many advantages of incorporating UPVC fascia and soffits into your roof repairs. If you want to find out more about the options available when it comes to to UPVC fascia and soffits, consider contacting a reputable company such as https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/ to find out everything you need to know.

If you attend to problems right away, you will find yourself living under a roof that delivers excellent value for money and lasts many years. One of the most important things to remember is that water trapped on or near the roof is a source of damp and decay.