Copying and pasting information on your website, why it is not a good idea?

Many websites retails, retail businesses, feed on products they buy from a wholesaler. In these cases the user shop selling street if you have a web page has to offer some relevant data on these products. Let’s see why it is not a good idea to copy and paste information directly to your web wholesale.

The first reason has to do with the aim to have the most Internet websites, to publicize the company and its products. It is therefore essential that the website has a good search engine rankings, do a good job of SEO for users to enter certain keywords get to our website.

copying-and-pasting-information-on-your-website-why-it-is-not-a-good-ideaWell, this practice of copying and pasting information from other sites is one of those that penalizes Google, which considers it a factor that reduces the quality of your page. In this case, better to copy the same is link to the website of the manufacturer or distributor for those customers who want more detailed information. Not to put more information, your website will be more relevant.

But then what is the work of retail on the web? Well basically the same exercises in the traditional trade, offer these products to consumers translated into a language that is affordable for them. In many cases manufacturers or wholesalers focus on features or express the advantages of their products explaining to a salesman, someone who has advanced knowledge and is an expert. The end user is often not able to understand these concepts.

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We also have to offer helpful advice, tips on handling, etc. Trying to explain the operation, how we can take advantage of what we are selling beyond the obvious. This is the real value that someone would expect to find on the website of a small business and it will differ from what we can find on Amazon, to name two examples.

It is carrying earth as take advantage of a product, beyond the technical, ordinary functionality, etc. In any case, it is a task that usually already done during the sales process when a customer comes into our business, and that there should resign in online sales, either directly or to attract visitors and gain visibility through from Internet.

Finally, we should try to spread all these features from social networks, trying to reach as many potential customers. It is a task that we will generate thousands of hits from one day to another, but the fact is that going to be a constant drip that will make us gain relevance on the Internet and among local businesses in our city.