How to choose the perfect wedding planner for your wedding

perfect wedding planner

Currently, and with the accelerated life of today’s couples, focused on work and hundreds of other activities, there is a character who is becoming that indispensable ally if we talk about wedding planning. Yes, the wedding planner or perfect wedding planner. It is about that expert person who will help you to organize every detail of your wedding, and in the end, everything is summarized in happiness, fun and perfect celebration. Therefore, we give you these 5 steps to know how to choose the perfect wedding planner.

The content of summery:

  1. Search and shuffle names of wedding planners
  2. Know your availability
  3. Hold a personal interview
  4. Know your work method and budget
  5. Discover if it’s your perfect wedding planner

Here we write the rest of the article for choosing a perfect wedding planner

1. Search and shuffle names of wedding planners

The search for the perfect wedding planner for your big day should take your time and therefore in advance you should go study their profiles. The recommendation is that you focus all your attention when deciding the organizer. Or you can also consult the tips of a wedding planner for the organization of your wedding.

It is important that the selected person:

Value your needs: Do you dream of a wedding in which every detail previously thought out? You have to look for that personal style in which your tastes are reflected because it is a unique day in the life and we must bear in mind that everything you want must be present at each moment of the celebration. That if, always have the budget, the ideal is that there are no imbalances in it.

perfect wedding planner

Specify the type of service:

It is fundamental that you analyze with a magnifying glass the type of service that the organizer offers you and whether or not it fits with the needs of your wedding. We suggest you look closely if they offer comprehensive organization, is 100 percent of the wedding, from advice, management of suppliers according to your tastes and needs (and cravings, why not?), Through decoration and personalization of each corner, until the coordination of day B. You must be discuss with your wedding planner how to plan and create your own wedding.

Work under your budget:

An important part of the budget for the realization of marriage should be directed to the wedding planner. This will be the person in charge of materializing everything you have in mind regarding your wedding, but it will also land you on what is viable or not, having as a base the budget assigned, both for the wedding and to cover the payment for your professional services.

A good advice that you should not take in discarded is to search the Internet for the most recommended wedding planners and portals specialized in wedding, where you will find a wide range of possibilities depending on the region where you’re going to get married.

2. Know your availability

After the search, the next step is to organize a list of those wedding planners that fit your style and also have the necessary experience to ensure the success of your wedding. It is necessary to organize in advance and contact them once you have a defined wedding date, to start preparing for the big day.

perfect wedding planner

Make personal interviews:

It is important to have a personalized meeting with the possible candidates to wedding planner of your wedding, to know your portfolio of services. This point is important, especially if you are living abroad or in a different city from the wedding planner. For these cases, video calls or telephone contact would work.

Exclusivity :

If you were clear from the beginning or you have decided on the one you liked most, you should know the volume of work you have or if you are organizing more weddings since the most important thing is that you channel your effort and professionalism in Making your wedding, the best organized.

3. Carry out a personal interview

perfect wedding planner

In the personal interview with the selected organizer, you will be able to know how it is organized with you and how it establishes a work dynamic during the whole process. His methodology and rhythm will be fundamental throughout this stage, which he remembers are defined by months of work prior to the wedding.

This is the opportunity to express your needs, desires, and whims in front of the wedding. From now on, the task of defining a style based on what you and your boyfriend tell the wedding planner begins. Doubts, concerns, feats you want to make, everything you must tell your organizer.

Keep in mind that the feeling of connection with your wedding planner is essential for everything to walk in the right way, since they will spend a lot of time with this person, plus they will know everything about you, your boyfriend, families, guests. This synergy is important so that it can also face the difficulties that only your wedding planner will solve.

4. Know your work method and budget

perfect wedding planner

Organizing a work calendar, with times and movements, would be great to organize the wedding. It is a very methodical and creative work at the same time. It is necessary to have a very well established timing by the wedding planner so that the bride and groom fulfill in time and form all the “duties” that their organizer assigns them, such as the organization of the guests, of the dossier with proposals for decoration, visits to suppliers, etc.

At the point of the suppliers, it is important that you know if your wedding planner has a catalog of suppliers or if it has a working relationship or links with some. Also, if this person charges a commission to offer services from these providers or may not work with any and so be free to choose with you, the provider that fits best.

Keep in mind what the budget includes and some extras. Knowing in detail the budget that the wedding planner raises is, without a doubt. The most important when establishing a contractual relationship with him. It is necessary to have defined the price for each of the services. And of course to contemplate within the budget those extras that are resulting as the days pass as flowers, new arrangements, additions to catering, etc.

5. Discover if it’s your perfect wedding planner

To find out, you must first seek or ask for recommendations from people who have contracted your services. On the Internet, you can also find ratings and opinions regarding your work. Make a checklist to verify if you meet the requirements to organize your wedding. If your fees fall within your budget if it is proactive and innovative in the face of your needs and tastes. Make very clear the reasons why the wedding planner is the first thing you choose for that day.

perfect wedding planner


In 5 specific steps, you can choose the most suitable person to organize the most romantic day of your life. Remember that the important thing besides the experience and recognition of the wedding planner. The empathy to work together and form a successful team. It’s essential to make your magical wedding and not fail in any detail.

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