Keeping the heat in the home

As the winter months start to stare us in the face it’s time to think about reducing the energy bills again before the inevitable switching on of the heating system. We’ve all experienced the difficulties of trying to deal with rising costs in the general living standards but fuel is the one that’s made life particularly hard.

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With this in mind it’s time to consider how we try to keep the heat and warmth that’s generated by the system in the home. There are several ways in which this heat retention can be achieved,

  • Downlight Covers. These are additions to the downlights that you see in the ceiling. As a substantial hole has to be made to fit the light in place. Thishole allows for draughts to come into the room and it allows for the heat from the light to escape. Therefore Downlight covers from Thermahood Direct are the perfect fit.

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  • Double glazing, This is the most effective way of keeping in heat in winter and keeping it out in the summer. The warmth literally rebounds off the window back into the room.
  • Cavity wall insulation. More of an issue for older homes, the gap between the brick works external and internal wall can create a void that eats away at the heat in the rooms.

All of these factors combined can ensure that you are doing all you can to reduce your bills. Other things to look at are the provider you are using and even solar options.