Become Familiar With French Cuisine

The citizens of France are world-famous for their cuisine. Due to its refined reputation, foreigners may picture French food as the purview of fancy restaurants. However, such “haute cuisine” is only part of what French cooking is about. Countless culinary delights are considered common features of a French daily diet.

Starting Your Day, the French Way

Western-style breakfast is largely a French invention, especially the so-called “continental breakfast.” A standard breakfast in France consists of French bread with butter and jam or other pastries such as croissants, brioches or pain au chocolat. French croissants & bread Seattle WA are the best in the world and are commonly bought fresh each morning from neighborhood bakeries and cafés along with strong coffee, either black or café au lait.

The Midday Meal

Conventional French meals consist of three courses — the hors d’oeuvre, the main course, and finally, cheese or dessert. Additionally, a salad may be served between courses. Hors d’oeuvres include soups, foie gras and similar light appetizers. Main dishes typically feature meat or fish in a rich sauce and various seasonal vegetables, either arranged separately on the plate or combined in a stew or ragout. French diners frequently end a meal with assorted local cheeses in lieu or instead of sweets. Alternatively, for time-pressed people, the traditional long three-course lunch might be scrapped for a simple sandwich.

Evening Eats

In the European fashion, the final meal runs late in France, with 9 o’clock finding many families still at the table. Dinner generally follows the same pattern as lunch, often with even more courses. This is the last chance in the day to savor the delicious diversity of French desserts. Treats range from fresh fruits or baked goods such as macarons and eclairs to classics like chocolate mousse and crème brulé. Lastly, note that no French meal is complete without bread, particularly a baguette, and a proper wine to compliment the food.

While gourmet French recipes are rightfully renowned, fresh ingredients and passionate chefs can make standouts of even the simplest dishes. This is the real secret of French gastronomy’s global success.