Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game

Pokemon Go

The launch of Pokemon game is always nice, because it is rooted in the heart of one generation after another franchise. However, this time is somewhat different, because Pokemon Go is the first that does not reach a Nintendo game console, but will be distributed on mobile Android and iOS.

This is a milestone; you look at it, because to catch Pokémon around loose in the real world is something that many have dreamed. And although its official launch is still doing to pray in many countries, it is possible to get other legal ways both Android and iOS (although the latter seems more difficult).

So, as I have already one day giving very hard, and I could above the beta test for a limited time, I have a few things to say about the game that could well enough to come along to start.

Pokemon Go
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The Poképaradise are your main objective

Just open the game map, you will see that is full of icons. Most seem blue cubes located at fixed sites: are the Poképaradise calls. They may be monuments of your city, a landmark, a funny graffiti or bullshit that the algorithm used to generate them is considered of relative importance. Anyway, you must find all you can to get items like Pokéballs or potions.

Yes, you can capture Pikachu

Just missing. The most representative across six generations of Pokémon Pokémon is available in this release, although it is not easy to capture. Go Pokémon creatures are scattered somewhat randomly and in your area does not have to be your favorite creature. Thus it is born of the grace of the game: you have to move and currarte your captures.

But they are only the original 150 Pokémon

For a good start, they are available only 150 Pokémon, which correspond to the first two editions Red and Blue. Niantic, Ingress developers have also been taken over Pokémon Go, have chosen this partly because they are the most familiar creatures and also because creating more than 800 bugs in 3Dand perhaps throwing the world was going over.

Get hold of all is not the real goal

Now, capture 150 Pokémon, though it is a laudable goal and that more than one will want to achieve, is not the objective as such Pokémon Go. One must understand that this is a game of exploration and move around the world around us on a plane of our city or town.

Capture has a little trick

If despite this you say, you intend to find them all, you have to know how to do it right. During capture, you must launch the Pokéball accurately on Pokémon, measuring the distance well and the arch that makes this. It is important to try to hit the creature when the color circle that appears on it is as small as possible.

If the game shows you a “good” or “great”, you’re on the right track. Although the weaker creatures, this gives a little alike, as you go finding stronger Pokémon, you have to know how to hunt them like a pro.

Forewarned the proximity indicator

Something you can overlook anyone is that when you’re in the game, bottom right of the screen is a proximity indicator of Pokémon. They may be next, one step, two steps or three steps, which does not translate literally with what we walk, but it serves as an indicator of the chances you have to find certain creatures. Move carefully and, if you see a Pokémon you like walking in the area, you do not walk much.

Update : In the latest version of the app Pokemon Go, proximity indicator has disappeared: there are no more “steps” you indicate how close or far away it is a Pokemon.

You also have eggs for breeding

A direct reward for many laps around with Pokémon Go installed is that you will do new Pokémon born. In some Poképaradas you can get eggs that hatch if you put them in your incubator and walk from 2 to 5 kilometers, depending on what list each egg. It seems a lot, but gradually work your way even if you do sport.

Train requires a long time (and get rid of many)

Getting strong Pokémon requires a lot of dedication. Sometimes it is easier to keep leveling up your character with experience and capture new creatures stronger, but it is also a good idea to capture all the Pokémon of the same species that you encounter.

To transfer the teacher, very kind to what is actually erase the Pokémon expression, candies of that species are achieved. With these candies, we can raise the strength or evolve creatures, but always taking into account the type of Pokémon that is Charmander candies only serve to Charmander or their evolutions.

Why objects are so important

As train takes time, there are objects that can help a little to accelerate the pace.Incenses, for example, make it appear more Pokémon to capture around us, but there are also other items that enhance the experience. There are also fundamental for combat, such as potions or revivalists objects, although these are also achieved in Poképaradas.

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And so there is also micropayments

The fact is that many of the objects that sometimes throw at fault can be bought with money. Go Pokémon micropayments do not seem too outrageous or appear to ruin the experience itself by forcing us to buy things to advance apace; but there they are. Get many incenses to constantly attract more creatures is a temptation that anyone feel sooner or later …

The fighting is not like you remember

Go Pokémon fight is very different from the game of the main series. Although the fire is still beating the ground, it is now possible to bypass basic strokes and there are only two attacks to perform: one that is made by pressing a finger on the enemy and another that runs keeping your finger pressed after being charged with attacks and dodges a special blue bar.

The result, more dynamic and complicated battles, but well adapted to what a mobile phone. Once they caught the trick, level differences between Pokémon are not as important as they seem.

You are the leader gym

Of course, having a competent team is what will allow you to win a gym. Pokémon gyms this time do not have leaders, as in the other games, but are taken by players in the world of Pokémon Go and touch us fight with them to steal the gym. Clashes gym can be multiple, so you may have to face two or three players easily followed. That is why…

Playing together is a good idea

… Play with friends to conquer a gym is a good idea. If you go together and you are part of the same team (that is, have chosen the same color to reach level 5), you can win one by one the other players who have a gym, conquer and then assign each to a Pokémon to to defend them when they arrive later rivals.

Although no randomized fighting in the street

It’s a pity, though, not to challenge friends to combat. Although this option will probably be included in future updates, so far the only battles that can be carried out are against players who have a gym.

Beware mobile battery

Whatever you do with Pokemon Go, one thing must be clear at the end: your phone battery will fly, so much to see live down the battery percentage digits. This game uses the GPS, camera and 3D graphics to create an immersive experience that sure many is great, but the cost of energy for the phone is huge. My Nexus 5 runs out of battery in an hour playing intensively and can fry an egg on it during that time …

Pokémon Go Plus is not essential

Go Pokémon has an accessory called Pokémon Go Plus. It costs 40 euros, a price that many accuse of being unconscionable, and works as a bracelet, if you sync via Bluetooth with the phone, allows you to capture Pokémon with you crosses the street without having to take the phone or launch Pokéballs. Very convenient, but not essential, partly because of the price.

You may discover hidden details in your city

A very nice and romantic thing about this game is that you can discover hidden in an environment that you know very well locations. The pursuit of Poképaradise I have done with the first day of Pokémon Go has made me discover a few hidden corners of central Madrid did not know they were there.

It’s not as if to know Madrid better for this game, but some details such as the tributes to famous figures who have lived in my neighborhood, had gone unnoticed before my eyes. If that says something very good Pokemon Go or something bad about me, I talk another day.